Red Clothing to Warm Winter

Clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry: proposals that light up the cold days with the color that exudes passion.
The color of choice for the holidays is undoubtedly the red, a color that stands out in all its variants. A strong color that makes you think eros, to heat and blood and wear clothing of this color instantly gives a large boost of energy.
The moodboard proposal presents ideal accessories and clothes for an easy look, but sought as early as the red leather clutch with bow signed Lollipops Atelier or purse Braintropy with golden details. Inspirational vintage is instead the hat Doria 1905 perfect to wear with sleeveless dress and jacket signed Roberto Verino. Inevitable, as usual, is the red underwear for New Year instead of the usual slip monochrome, Happy Socks offers a red variant blacks dots with turquoise lace.

If the look with which you feel at ease requires flat shoes you’ll want amphibians, these rigorously red like those signed Fabio Rusconi perfect to match the sweatshirt Scottish style by M Missoni and cuff fur nénette.

red dresses to dream

The red dress is synonymous with elegance, like the famous red dresses of Valentino. A red dress stands out in all its forms, both in the short and long version that certainly will not go unnoticed. Also very important are the details as jewelry, hair clips and red accessories that can enhance and enliven such a look total black. Inevitable then the red underwear to wear Capadanno.
There are many proposals low cost from which to take inspiration for a look from the red charm as the sensual and provocative elegant clothes of ASOS with stunning necklines and gold detailing able to give the look of a real diva.
More sober, but equally elegant are the red lace dress of H & M. Dresses with flared skirts and waist cut designed to enhance the female figure ideal for those who need to hide some Extra Pounds her hips.
In addition to the sensual or casual clothes are, a look for the holidays can be even moreeasy and sporty . In these cases you can take advantage of the current trends of the season the maxi knitted in monochrome or Scottish press. The maxi knit you can easily combine with skirts or regular trousers or leggings.
Do not forget the accessories and shoes, will leave everyone breathless!