Red Lingerie: Origin of the Legend

Traditions are the result of the transmission of rites or customs, which is maintained from generation in generation and in many cases their origin is lost in the mists of time.
This is the case of the tradition of wearing underwear in the Christmas red and especially the night end of year.
Its exact origin is difficult to establish, but it is widely accepted that its origin goes back to the middle ages. At that time, the color red was full of symbolism and was related to witchcraft. The Church came to prohibit the use of the color red, even reaching the power. Also in winter when everything appears to be killed by Frost, red becomes a symbol of blood and life, and believed that it attracted good luck.
The change of year, associated with that moment of lust, fun and debauchery, to the high society of the time (which maintained appearances) be wore underwear red to celebrate that special moment.
This tradition has been maintained to the present day, adding details that have evolved so far. In which geographical areas, you must bathe before year’s end to get rid of everything that has been negative and Red undergarments have to be given so they give you luck.
There are also places for panties or boxers in yellow, which are considered to give you good luck in the new year. But you must put them upside down and just n at the beginning of the year wear yellow underwear in the right.
As for the Christmas holidays apart from the moments more relatives, always predominates wearing garments lenceras sexy, according to elegant cocktail dresses. The most searched in underwear are lace and decorated clothing, dominated by red and black. Garter belt and stockings fancy, shoes with stilettos, and Golden or black, in accordance with dress accessories.
The best recommendation to wear garments of interior comfort and therefore chords with health, is to go to an establishment where help you to recognize the size, Cup, and the type of pattern that fits better to your morphology and lifestyle.
They also fashion bodys, which help to stylize the figure. At parties, they look with finished lingerie at the neckline, long open backs and invisible finishes in the slaughterhouse. Color sand by its invisibility, or in fashion colors that combine in the dress.
Compression stockings tend to be relief, for nights of dance and party, because its effect on if same is to improve symptoms related to circulation.
The most interesting happened in recent years is that the trends have evolved to improve the materials with which it is manufactured. Best fabrics (micro-encapsulated, textures, hipoalergenia), trimmings (ergonomic hoops, nickel-free jewelry), laser cuts (that avoid seams)… these changes are applied in patterns (buildings) whose biensentar is irreproachable and decorate the piece with elements and fashionable colors.
Spanish seek inside clothes that go in line with their clothes and are faithful to traditions such as wear of interior lenceras and best if are red because it helps with the excitement of a special night. The men are dazzled by sexy underwear, therefore avoid the wearing flesh-colored (albeit the most invisible under a dress).
So you know, red sexy clothes and has to be given.