Romantic Hairstyles for Shoulder Length Hair

If you are getting ready for a Christmas with him or the mood of your parties it is romance, copy the hairstyle of songaah. With so gentle waves you will be her dessert to end the evening!
What do you need: a brush and tail comb, a modeling mousse, the curling iron, a specific product that protects against heat.
Step 1: After you have washed and buffered hair with the towel, apply a little ‘mousse shaping and drying her hair with a hair dryer.

Romantic Hairstyles for Shoulder Length Hair
Step 2: Gently brush the hair with the comb divide the hair into sections and apply the product to protect them from the heat of the iron. Working each strand with the iron, using a narrow diameter if you want more waves shaped bushing. Roll up the lock up under the ear, so as to give the wave only on the lengths and not over the whole crown.
Step 3: Open the waves lightly with your hands for a more natural look. With the comb do the low side parting and wears her hair behind her ears.
One more idea: put a black ribbon in your hair and you will be ultra-chic! Apply a clasp with studs and you’ll have, however, the strong retail!