Rumor: Bug Fixes for iPad with iOS 7.1 Delayed to March

The long-awaited update to iOS devices brings traffic back from iOS 6, now appears to be delayed.
Since iOS 7 was presented, has received criticism for the reduced performance update, as you probably noticed on the iPad, which can be slow and choppy in menus etc.
Apple is in full swing with to test bug fixes to iOS 7, who at the time of writing is reached 2. Beta (test version). As can be seen in the video below, there are huge improvements on the way to the animations, and the overall liquid control.
However, it is reported there are now rumors that Apple has already released 3. Beta to collaborators, without going through the developers, who at the time of writing is in full swing with 2. Beta. It writes our site.
Rumors tell also that iOS 7.1 first is ready for the public in March, probably due to the addition of new functions, which must first be in place.
If nothing else, then we hope that Apple will have issued prior to error corrections, so their customers can get the feel again to update to iOS 7 was all worthwhile.