Rumor: OnePlus 3 Will Be Cheaper Than OnePlus 2

One would not think that OnePlus ‘ phones can be much cheaper, but now it is reported that OnePlus 3 gets a lower price than the current OnePlus 2.
There is little doubt that a new top model from Chinese OnePlus is just around the corner-not only because the company’s Director two months ago even have teaset for it, but also because coming gradually more and more rumors about it.
Now is one of the more interesting ones popped up via the website Gizmochina, which is-as the name indicates-does it in the Chinese smartphones. The website has reportedly received a tip from a source that should be employed by the OnePlus itself, and which therefore should have spread the cost of the upcoming OnePlus 3.
It would otherwise not be so surprising if OnePlus chose to raise the price a tad right as it was seen with OnePlus 2 as a result of the more expensive components and the already very low price tag, but it will not be the case this year, according to the source. OnePlus 3 will actually be cheaper than OnePlus 2.

Possibly 250 dollars cheaper than OnePlus 2

Since OnePlus 2 was launched just over a year ago, got a price of $ 329, or directly translated into what amounted to 2,220 dollars at its launch. It is already a very sharp price for topspecifikationer, but you can probably look forward to to get an even better deal with OnePlus 3. Here will be the price for just $ 310 or directly translated to 2,010 dollars.
In Denmark, there must, of course, also attributed the 25% VAT, which meant that OnePlus 2 ended up costing 2,499 for 32 GB variant of the worm. This is an increase of 12.6%, which means that if the price is correct, OnePlus 3 in all likelihood will end up costing about the 2,260 dollars.
According to the source, the above price applies to the cheapest model with the potent Snapdragon 820 processor, 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage space. Who will this year again be another, more powerful variant – still with the same processor, but with the entire 6 GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage, where the price of course also will rise further. This price is the source, however, by all accounts, are not familiar with.
OnePlus looks thus seem to continue to set the standard for how much the smartphone you can get value-for-money at these latitudes, where, for example, the new HTC 10 has a somewhat high price on whole 5,990 dollars.
The wait time at OnePlus 3 goods probably do not know so far in the future. A previous rumor goes for that a launch could take place as early as the 18 may – though only just over two weeks, where it should come up for sale next month.