Rumor: Samsung Galaxy Test Note 6-with and without Curved Screen

Samsung is in full swing to prepare the Galaxy Note 6, but has not yet decided whether it should be with or without curved screen.
It is nothing more than 8 months ago Samsung launched Galaxy Note 5 together with the curvy Galaxy S6 edge +, and already now rife that rumored sequel Galaxy Note 6.
It is the Dutch website GSM Helpdesk, which is in possession of a lot of knowledge about the next Note-smartphone from Samsung through it, as the page describes as a “reliable source”. This source reports that Samsung has produced not only one but two prototypes of the next Galaxy Note 6.
Under the hood is the two models completely identical, where the only difference is the screen. Samsung is divided about whether the next Note 6 must have a curved screen just or not.

Immediately you would think that a curved screen odds particularly well with a stylus that will be easier to use on a flat surface, but there are indications that consumers are overexcited with the curved screen from Galaxy S6 edge and Galaxy S7 edge.
Another reason why a curving Note 6 is on the drawing board, is that there is probably not a Galaxy S7 edge + this year. Last year, there was a need for a larger, curved Galaxy S6 edge, since both the Galaxy and the Galaxy was S6 S6 edge had the same size with a screen of 5.1 “. This year, the Galaxy S7 retained the screen on 5.1 “, but the Galaxy on the other hand, smoked up at S7 edge is 5.5”.
It would therefore make sense to make a Galaxy S7 edge + with a screen that is only 0.2 “larger (5.7”) just as Galaxy S6 edge +. Therefore, it may well make sense to an even larger, curved Samsung smartphone instead will be in the form of a Note 6.

Equipped with upcoming Snapdragon 823 processor

Whether it will have a curved display or not the rumors know that Galaxy Note 5 will be equipped with a large screen with a 5.8 “WQHD resolution of 1,440 x 2,560 pixels, while the processor – not surprisingly – will be one of Samsung’s own from Exynos 8 series. The exact processor model is not yet known, but there are probably talking about the same Exynos 8890-processor from Galaxy S7, where frequency is given a small push in the weather.
Another rumor from website SamMobile has pointed out that Samsung will also make a Snapdragon-variant just like with Galaxy S7, but it will not be with snapdragon 820 processor as a driving force.Instead, it is reported that it will come with a Snapdragon 823 processor that did not even exist on the market yet. It should be the same as the Snapdragon processor 820, but also here is frequency speed screwed up a bit.
The remaining specifications sounds on the entire 6 GB of RAM, which is also also rumored to come with 3 OnePlus, 32 GB internal storage with the ability to expand with a microSD card, the same 12 megapixel camera from Galaxy S7, an iris-scans in addition to the fingerprint reader and a proper battery of its kind at 4,000 mAh – whole 1,000 mAh more than its predecessor, Note 5.