Rumor: Samsung Micro-USB Switches with USB Type C This Summer

Samsung goes with on the USB Type C-cart this summer at the launch of the next Galaxy Note 6, sounds a new rumor.
The reversible Type (C) USB port has suddenly gained a strong foothold in this spring collection of top models-with one big exception. The largest player in the market, Samsung, chosen for continuing to go the safe route with the classic Micro-USB port with Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge.
Samsung, however, can be said to be legally excused, as the South Korean manufacturer chose to include a free Gear VR headset to all buyers of the two top models who pre-ordered it. This headset has a Micro-USB connector, so here gives it particular opinion to keep Micro-USB port at the top models.

The time is approaching, however, that also Samsung comes after most other manufacturers such as LG, Microsoft, HTC, Huawei and OnePlus and by implementing the new, smart USB Type C-port, that hides a multitude of cool features and improvements over previous port.
According to SamMobile it will happen when Samsung launches Galaxy Note 6, as there are already several rumors abound. Although there is no some leaked information about a possible launch date or an invitation for an event yet, think more analysts to know that Samsung chose to move the launch of Galaxy Note 6 one month forward to July instead of august.
It is hardly unlikely since it’s exactly what Samsung did with this year’s Galaxy S7-top models-just in March instead of april.
It remains to be seen, what standard of USB technology, which is implemented in the new USB port. It is not only in the physical port, to the many good properties are hiding, but also in the USB standard.
Last year, most smartphone with USB 2.0 standard, and first in year starts the top models that combine USB Type C with the fastest USB 3.1-standard. It supports data rates of up to 10 Gbit/s while it is USB Type C-port that supports power transfer at up to the entire 100 watt.
Many different factors such as cable, power supply and which port the other end of the cable has, however, also plays into what you can get out of USB Type C-port in your smartphone, but whatever it is certainly a step in the right direction.

New Gear VR glasses with USB Type (C) maybe on the way

Samsung’s expected switch to USB Type C leader, of course, to the question of what the manufacturer so do when the current Gear VR glasses will not be compatible out of the box.
A solution might be to include a small USB Type C to Micro-USB adapter, but a more lasting and future-proof solution will no doubt be for Samsung to make a revised version of Gear VR headset with a USB Type C-port instead of Micro-USB. Yet nothing suggests, however, on it, but as we all know well that much can be done in the meantime.