S.M.T.H. Is Perhaps the Stupidest App for Your Smartphone

Throw your smartphone as high up in the air as possible and got on the scoreboard with the app S.M.T.H. (Send me to Heaven)-or get destroyed your smartphone.
It sounds completely ridiculous, and it is that too. With the app S.M.T.H., or Send me to Heaven, for in all his simplicity about throwing his smartphone as high up in the air as possible in an attempt to tops the list of users who have mastered both throwing and, not least, grabbing the phone again.
Behind the app, there is a pretty funny story. S.M.T.H. actually have 2.5 years old and was then released for both iOS and Android.
The app was originally created as a reaction to that, according to the developer from Prague are many, purchasing very expensive gadgets just to show them up and throw them. He therefore wanted so many iPhones destroyed as possible. It, however, never came to pass. He was then told to the website Wired.
Apple was not particularly enthusiastic about the app that got a ton of users to make themselves out to achieve a top position on the leader board, and not surprisingly resulted in many broken iPhones. Why Apple chose to remove Send Me To Heaven from Apple’s App Store, with justification, that the “called for behaviour that could result in damage to users ‘ devices”.
Send Me To Heaven, however, live on in Google’s Play-Shop, and here is the result the same. Users throwing their phone so loud they can and end up with losing and destroy it, resulting in hilarious reviews of app such as: “I have destroyed my S4. I think that they removed all the fun from the game just before I did not manage to grab my phone. Fuuuuuuuuuuu (fuck you, ed.), “just as another user writes:” Has already got a bump in the corner of my RAZR from the game. BAHAHAHAHA “.
Should you be tempted and want to take the challenge and beat the global 1. place with a throw of 44.19 meters, first through a disclaimer in the app and learn how your phone should be subjected to in order to be registered. The app developer has created his own formula that relatively accurately count out how high that rolled through the use of the sensors.