Sales: in Search of the Lost Shoe

Don’t let the purchase of shoes for sale, because I use one as common as the 38 size and usually end quickly. But this year I have some ankle boots shattered put them almost every day and I have to renew. In addition, I want some fancy, some shoes out of the ordinary. With full-price not occurs to me, but lowered … already is something else.


Continue sticking very strong in spring, so it is a good buy for sale.

  • Ankle boots with glitter of ASOs, now at 34 euros.
  • Wedges in black and gold of ASOs, by 41,67 EUR.
  • Silver-heeled shoes, of River Island for ASOs, by 63,20 EUR.

The classics: boots and ankle boots

You know that they won’t spend fashion for winter coming and always use them a lot, so it’s a good time to save a few euros in sales.

  • Black booties for 90 euros.
  • Biker boots for 25 euros.
  • Thigh high boots in tone Bordeaux for 102 euros.


You enter by the eyes and not can avoid it. You resististe during the season … but now it is impossible to do with sales prices.

  • La Redoute snakeskin boots, by 41,94 euros. I must admit that making this post I have given to the cart to buy with these, what do you think?
  • Gala González velvet slippers for Mango Touch, now for 40 euros.
  • Ankle boots with details of stars and tacks in Zara, discounted 25,99 EUR.
  • Boot type cowboy of Zara, for 49.99 euros.
  • Living room with purple high heel shoe, in Zara for 19.99 euros.

Thinking of spring

The seasons are they blurred and it is not difficult to find sandals, shoes, and sports shoes in winter almost as much as in summer. So you can use now and when the temperatures go up.

  • Shoes with snake print of Bimba & Lola, 84 euros.
  • Black Sandals heel, Bimba & Lola, 122 euros.
  • Sports Bimba & Lola for 31 euros. Olivia Palermo has a similar, they are ideal for casual looks.