Samsung Advertising Puts World Cup Football Stars Against Aliens

Marketing giant Samsung presents the Galaxy 11 Football Challenge with 13 World stars and Franz Beckenbauer.
In what could draw to becoming a huge advertising campaign shows Samsung a team of football players who will be specially selected to play football against aliens in an advertisement, that already from the outset has certain similarities with the movie Space Jam where Michael Jordan saves the day with a game of basketball.
Thirteen world stars from thirteen different countries will be convened by none other than Franz Beckenbauer, the team is, among other things, Lionel Messi as captain and archrival Christiano Ronaldo.
Messi has once previously been part of a Samsung Galaxy advertising as we have also seen on television at home.
The advertisement kicks off on the basis of the FIFA World Cup that fall held next summer in Brazil. Samsung has also set up a website for the Galaxy 11 Football Challenge which, of course, and recalled that in the case of an advertisement for Samsung’s Galaxy series.

Tweet from iPhone

The campaign stumbled, however, suffered from its start, Beckenbauer got “tweeted” about the next segment of the story from his iPhone, this was, of course, quickly discovered and meta data was replaced by Samsung Mobile.
It is expected, however, not to get some consequences for Beckenbauer, it is certainly not an isolated case. Many other profiles are all time been caught in to promote a product, from a product from another manufacturer.
Younghee Lee, vice President for global marketing at Samsung Mobile, however, in the end, hope that this campaign will stimulate the imagination and inspire commitment on the part of their fans.