Samsung Comes with a Light-Version of Note 3

Credible Twitter source now has product-name for the Light version of the Samsung Galaxy 3, who presented at the beginning of the new year.
We have earlier told that Samsung is working on a Light-version of their hugely popular Galaxy Note 3 phablet.
Rumors are now taking to as product-name for the upcoming Light-version, seems to be leaked on Twitter. It writes our stie.
Tweet from @ourstie show that LTE version of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Light will be called SM-N7505. The interesting thing about it is that the LTE version of the current Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is called N9005. In this connection, it is also almost guaranteed that we can say that the version without LTE compatibility will be called N7500.
So far, the rumors, unfortunately, is not about speifikationer on joins the upcoming devices, but our stie follows, of course, the case.