Samsung: Galaxy Gear Can Charm Girls

New advertising from tech-giant attributes the Galaxy Gear-owners as smart, cool and those who get the girl everyone dreams about.
Lo and behold, it it true that December. The time for comfort, food, Christmas Eve and. .. Oh well, a sea of advertisements from manufacturers who want their products to be placed under the tree on the big night.
Recently, we have seen Nokia’s bid to lure Apple customers, and Apple’s own, misguided bid for a Christmas advertising. Samsung has also been out and point out their Smartur as a miracle, and now they are back. It writes our site.

Samsung has released yet another advertisement that celebrates their Galaxy Gear-clock, but this time as your faithful companion when under pressure to be ladies.
In the advertisement, we are following the 2 boys who targeted goes after the same woman on a ski holiday. However, the Galaxy go Gear-owner, who in the best degree for charmet himself to victory through the use of the functions of the Agency.
What says the female mobile page readers for the advertisement? Can the Galaxy Gear score points with you?