Samsung Galaxy Gear Light Machinery Showing Details of Your Application

The Samsung Galaxy Gear It is very close, and with that headline show us from evleaks the first real details of a highly anticipated device, and that it will come to preempt competition as the first of many smart watches that were announced after the Sony SmartWatch and Pebble.
The official presentation will take place on September 4, date chosen by leading manufacturers to show their news just before Berlin IFA fair two days later, although we already have the first screenshots of the control application the Galaxy, Samsung Gear, with some detail about their specifications.
Thus, we can now confirm that the clock you will be checked in the purest style Sony, with an application for Android that, at the moment, we don’t know if it will be compatible with all Android smartphones or only the Samsung Galaxy range terminals.
What we get by logic is that the application could be available from Samsung Apps, and could only be unloaded in terminals of the brand with all the customizations and applications specific to the clock.
In addition, now can confirm that in between the smartphone and the clock will be held by NFC, and that there is a function “Find my watch” which will probably generate some sound so that we know where the clock is, or you could even use a hypothetical GPS chip to locate it in case of theft. Thus, it could also be that the own clock notified the arrival of emails, calls or messages with sound.
Even with this, There are still many unknowns, as the design, size and weight of a device “wearable”, where these features along with their autonomy will be crucial to its success.
In addition, it is not known which will be its independence with regard to the smartphone in terms of sensors or GPS to do sport, nor nor do we know that kind of covers may download to watch, that we will provide information or applications can create and use a reduced this display device.
Next Wednesday we will have all the details, so not desconecteis you Xataka Android to see what will bring us the most important technological fair for the remainder of year.