Samsung Galaxy S7: Dual Cam As In The HTC One M9 Plus?

Gets the Samsung Galaxy S7 plus a dual camera like the HTC one M9? Apparently, the South Korean company is working on ways better to withdraw from the competition. The new camera technology should be operational in the year 2016.
Samsung revealed its plans for the year 2016 at an event that took place on April 24 in Seoul, and turned to the quarterly report by Samsung electo-mechanics, GforGames reported. Reach a limit on Smartphones the arms race in terms of megapixels and a low thickness – in the future, other ways will be needed to awaken the interest of our clients.
Samsung Galaxy S7 Dual Cam As In The HTC One M9 Plus
Already In The First Half Of The Year 2016 Ready To Use?
According to a report by Samsung representatives at the event was the dual-camera technology able to equip the mobile Division for the competition. Apparently, the development is already advanced: A prototype with two lenses and two sensors should be completed in the course of the year 2015. The company expects the market viability thus already in the first half of 2016, bringing the technology could already be used in the Galaxy S7.
The dual-camera technology without question offers many opportunities for great features; However a high mega pixel value for the benefit of the dual-cam sacrificed so that one M8, for example, was made – in the HTC not only positive experiences for example HTC, which not necessarily met with positive response among users. Samsung could do but better much in this area with the successor of the Galaxy S6 competition from the home: according to the presented report the camera to compensate for backlight and offer a better quality when zooming. Furthermore, was the recording process go much faster. and also subsequent changing of the focus on a photo is made possible by the dual-cam.