Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review

If the 5.5 “by Galaxy S7 Edge begin to smell you, and have you regretted not having opted for a smartphone with larger display, you can try to get Samsung to let you use his Galaxy S7 Edge of Europe! Probably could get a little uncomfortable take it back or read a notification without showing it to an entire city, but then that’s the price you pay to enjoy a widescreen 40 x 80.
Obviously a joke, although the giant Galaxy S7 Edge you see in the opening really exists and it is the largest display advertising (in Europe) developed by Samsung and placed on a 25-story building in the District of Sokol in Moscow. The huge LED panel reproduces the likeness of an S7 Edge and is placed at a strategic point which includes a motorway link to Sheremetyevo airport. According to what stated in the description of the video, the screen can be seen up to 2.2 kilometers away!
We leave you to the video released by Samsung in which it is possible to admire the new Galaxy S7 Edge XXXL in action reported by Phonejust:

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edgeis available online from bass8 to 594 euros or Media World a 679 euros. The price is decent but there are 6 better models.
  • Samsung Galaxy S7is available online from Carpentry to 529 euro or from euro 619Redcoon to. The price is decent but there are 4 best models.
  • Available on shopping site: Galaxy Edge 599 euro S7and Galaxy S7 to 539 euro.