Samsung Galaxy Touch 7 Is Officially

It’s official! Note 7 Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy. We summarize in detail all the information for you.
At last it’s official: Samsung has Galaxy note 7 presented on the evening of 2 August 2016. So, not only the specifications are clear, but also that both the Galaxy and the Phablet flagships in future carry the same “version number” – to avoid confusion. As little confusion there is the availability of the device: it will be regularly available in Europe and in Germany. The Galaxy note 5 was not available in Europe. Simple explanation: Samsung wanted to focus on the Galaxy S6 edge + set that roughly identical with the Galaxy, but no stylus is rated 5. The Samsung in-house S pen will not already used in Europe, was the explanation.

Samsung Galaxy touch 7: technical specifications

Enough of the Präambels, we come to the hard facts: the Galaxy note 7 is equipped with a 5.7-inch diagonal screen measuring WQHD resolution (so 2,560 x 1,440 pixels) AMOLED Panel. This is edge known dual edge displays, which is bent to both sides of the transverse axis to that already by the Galaxy S7.
With this of course is described S pen by Samsung, which is equipped with some features such as, for example, the always on notes (make notes directly after pulling out of the stylus in the standby mode of the device), and magnify (use stylus for zoom function). As a special feature and novelty is the installed IRIS scanners, with the man unlocks the device with its skin, so to speak, to name a few. According to first reports, the fingerprint sensor method (via the fingerprint scanner on the home button) is faster – and of course still possible.
Both the device and the PIN are waterproof to IP68. (6 means dust-tight) are thus the two devices with the highest standard against dust and water (8 means permanent submersion) protected. We you hereafter summarize the technical details:

  • Display: 5.7 inch diagonal; WQHD LCDSuper AMOLED Panel, Corning Gorilla glass 5
  • Processor: Exynos 8890, octa core (processor, which is used also in the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge)
  • Memory: 4 GB, LPDDR4
  • Internal memory: 64 GB, UFS 2.0, expandable with microSD card
  • Camera 12 MP camera with optical image stabilizer and f/1.7er-IRIS Selfie camera with 5 MP, f/1.7
  • Operating system: Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • Battery: 3,500 mAh
  • Dimensions, weight: 153,5 x 73.9 x 7, 9mm;169 grams
  • Colors: Blue Coral, gold, Platinum, silver titanium, Black Onyx
  • Other: LTE cat.9, fingerprint sensor, Iris Scanners, NFC, MST, WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac 2.4 and 5 GHz

Optics: Samsung holding note 7 on proven with Galaxy

The Samsung Galaxy touch 7 comes in Samsung typical design, as we already from Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 know it edge. These include of course a Glasrück – and front and a metal frame. In addition comes the device in the proven edge design and is available in the colours blue coral, gold, Platinum, silver titanium and Black Onyx. There is no big surprises so, for no adaptation changes that you would have to make a.

Samsung Galaxy touch 7: availability and price

While there are typical of Samsung there is no information to the price immediately after the introduction of the Galaxy note 7, it was announced that the machine to go on 2nd September in the sale. With us you can already pre-register and will be notified as soon as it is available.

Samsung Galaxy touch 7: the rumors in the summary

Original rumors article: the European market could not enjoy unfortunately note 5 on the Galaxy, but it looks like the successor already in planning with us will be available. To the Galaxy note 7 we have summarized here all the Info for you.
As was made last year, that we don’t get to see note 5 in Europe are the Galaxy, was disappointment for fans and media. European users would use little of the stylus, it was said by Samsung. Therefore should the Galaxy S6 edge + as better alternative. It seems a little that Samsung would slip into the role of Apple, because the company from Cupertino is known to make many (launching only on displeasure) decisions, such as, for example, the omission of the ports on the MacBook 2015, which therefore came with only one connection.
Anyway – we don’t know what Samsung is doing intended has and want us about no longer head break, because apparently the successor will be available in Europe. Is it invoked an insider in a way confirmed that Samsung should – regret the decision from the previous year even if Samsung wants to so far not officially admit that.


Note 4 Samsung had indicated already first ideas of the new design language with the Galaxy. The touch 5 then launched a completely revamped design. Behind a rounded back of the glass and a frame made of aluminium. This has delighted us all very. At last the Korean manufacturer has produced it to precious materials in a Phablet. This philosophy continues of course with the grade 7. We do not expect great changes. Much more there will be details, which you should be aware of. There is no concrete evidence yet, however, we are sure that “Leakbilder” will appear in the course of time.

Curved display?

As some may remember, there was edge, which was later also available initially only for the Asian market was announced before two years a note. The rumors of a successor are quiet, very quiet indeed. However, we believe that Samsung is planning something along these lines. While not necessarily a touch of edge 2 but what sounds like for you the name Galaxy note fold on? More information you can learn more here.


In the technical facilities, there will be no compromises. A powerful processor with at least 4 GB memory is compulsory. TechTimes goes even one step further and speculated on a 16-core processor, which is supported with 8 gigabytes of memory. Remains to be seen until the rumors concrete. Imagine we can’t us however. The camera also will get an upgrade. Rumor is designed to provide the main camera of a 30 megapixel resolution and the Frontlkamera 16 MP.
If the display becomes bigger, one cannot say currently still. We however assume a display diagonal just under 6 inches. The resolution will be likely 2560 x 1440 (QHD), if not even higher. On the note of 5 a USB type lacked C connection, which could be in the grade 7 in. The connection of the future is called type C, or even USB 3.1, USB. More information you will find in our post. Furthermore, the grade 6 will have of course a quick charging technology on board, where we think that the battery life compared to normal smartphones will be very satisfactory.
April 13 – until the introduction of the Galaxy note 7 is it still something there. Yet there is already a or other source of rumor. As Sammmobile now reported, citing a Chinese source, the next Phablet from Samsung could be equipped with a Snapdragon 823, is a clocked at 2.6 GHz processor based on a 64-bit-Cryo architecture, and have a whopping 8 gigabytes of memory. Therefore, the device would be a real performance Monster. Furthermore, the grade 6 could be dust – and waterproof as we have already seen from the S7 models.
25 April – as Sammobile now, the Galaxy might get note 7 a larger screen. Specifically, one speaks of a diagonal is 5.8 inches. Greater, the Phablet must be however not necessarily because Samsung could make the edges of the display probably accordingly smaller. The AMOLED display should continue to resolve with Quad-HD, which corresponds to a pixel matrix of 2,560 x 1,440. In addition, a variant with curved display seems to be planned. The battery of the grade 6 should have a capacity of rich 4,000 MAH, what the screen growth but will be compensated and will provide for a similar good maturity as at the grade 5.
02 may – Sammobile brings new information to the upcoming Samsung Phablet. According to the note 7 actually a connection in USB type C-shape have. This information only refers to the shape of the connector. The advantage of the duplex plug-in capability is thus in any case. It is unclear, however, the connection will be equipped with the standard. It is however possible that Samsung will be put on the 3.1-standard. Using the USB C port is also a new GearVR. Because the Galaxy S7 dropped backward compatibility to the new port. Still, Sammobile reported that we will find an IP certification in 5 Note, which means that the device will be protected against dust and water. Also there is speculation even about an iris scanner. All this information is, although Sammobile often proved right in the past, with caution and a certain portion to enjoy skepticism. It is still exciting.
04 may – it was only a matter of time before the first leaks to the Galaxy appear note 7 in the net. Phone arena has discovered some interesting data on the Chinese platform Weibo. So, the upcoming Phablet should possess a 5.77-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. As a processor, the in-house Exynos 8890 (for the US market), and on the other part of the Snapdragon 823 by Qualcomm (for Europe) to the part could be used. The memory will grow to compared to the rated 5 of 4 GB to 6 GB. A highlight of the Giants could probably be the battery. The battery touch models, was never given, a weakness but this time we are talking about a Kapaztität of 4,200 mAh, what could make for outstanding battery life.
May 12 – the very savvy in the technology sector Leaker @evleaks has 7 calledthe 15th August 2016 as possible presentation date of the Samsung Galaxy touch. Because a similar deadline last year rated 5 was chosen for the publication of the predecessor of Galaxy and Evan is the pale, behind the pseudonym evleaks, is usually well informed, the chances are good that the device is unveiled by Samsung on this day.
13 may – as Sammobile reported, the Samsung Galaxy is rated 7 with the BlackBerry-like feature “Samsung focus” be provided. This is a counterpart of the BlackBerry hub, which is available only for the own smartphones of the business telephone manufacturer. According to Sammobile, Samsung focus is a mixture of to do app and Message Center: incoming SMS, emails, Twitter notifications, WhatsApp messages and communications other services in a list appear, which the user then “can work out”. In addition, calendar entries are displayed and you can create your own tasks. The feature with a drilled on Google Inbox is also similar, however the service from mountain view is limited to the task-based representation of incoming emails.
03 June – the Leaker @evleaks savvy in the technology scene has become the disclosure date of the new Samsung Galaxy touch flagship voiced. According to Evan Blass, who is behind the Twitter screen name, the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy touch 6 or grade 7 (equal to the name) in ‘almost exactly two months’ takes place. A publication should take place so early August 2016. According to rumors Samsung should call the new Phablet Galaxy note 7 to the same numbering as in the Samsung Galaxy S devices, so currently call the Galaxy S7, in accordance to. The latter however is not confirmed yet.
Note 7 detailed rendering images of the alleged Samsung Galaxy 06 June – OnLeaks published in turn.Great technical and optical changes compared to its predecessor are not visible. The possible USB type C connector and the display edges rounded to the transverse axis are striking but, as we already know it by the edge devices.
June 09 – your eyes show him: according to a gel files screenshot the Samsung will be rated 7 with an iris scanner equipped. The screen shot is so not fake, we can unlock the new Samsung high value Phablet 2016 with our Rainbow skin. Still a Zauba delivery record of an iris scanner for a Samsung device is joined to the screenshot. Entirely unlikely an eye scanner for the not so note 7.
June 13 – Galaxy note 7 “confirmed”: a Photo zugespieltes the PhoneArena shows a teaser on the Galaxy note 7. The shape of the Smartphone profile suggests a “7”, also “writing on the edge of something great.” is also not a secret of the fact made with the note, that the Samsung Phablet flagship 2016 probably will be equipped with a rounded display or appears an “edge” version from the House of Samsung.
June 14 – faster than expected: this not about the performance is meant, but the release date. A magazine SamMobile about image according to the scheduled event already on the 2nd August 2016. The note “The next edge is just around the corner.” according to it will either be a grade 7 with screen bent around the sides or one of two variants of the Samsung Phablet flagship.
June 17 – mass production starts in July: as reported ETNews, the Samsung Galaxy to go note 7 in mass production in July. The South Korean group in order to have given 2.5 million high-end-Phablets, 5 million to follow in August of this year, participating industrial companies are named as source of production.Thus an availability would unlikely directly after the show in August, it is, however, not even usually, directly after the show to sell devices for Samsung.
04 July – 6 inch and with edge diplay: on recent gel files press images the alleged Samsung Galaxy is rated 7 in numerous variations. Also is the talkthat the South Korean manufacturer is testing a 6-inch display. Whether this final is used, or it will remain in the 5.7-inch screen, is, of course, in the stars. Would you too large of a 6-inch screen?

Update: Galaxy note 7 appears on the 2nd August 2016

13 July: Samsung has now officially the Launch page to present the Galaxy published note 7. Now is not only known that the Galaxy will be skipped to grade 6, but also that a presentation in New York will take place on August 2, in addition events Rio de Janeiro and London will be held.
Design confirmed
July 20: In a YouTube video, a fully functioning Samsung Galaxy is to see note 7. Especially the very narrow-sized margins are striking, as they already can be seen in the above renderings.

Patent: S pen as Smartphoneständer

Samsung has registered a patent that could allow a touch user to use the S-pen as Smartphonehalterung.As you can see in the picture, the stylus is to bent in the Middle using a hinge. Then he attaches to the Smartphone, what there is no exact details. Probably with a magnet.


According to the Korean stock exchange service “the belt”, Samsung plans note 7 used to introduce the Galaxy, as was the case with its predecessors. Therefore, the next flagship Phablet should see the official light of the world already mid-July. This one supposedly refers to sources belonging to the Samsung’s.Furthermore, the Phablet to come to the release with Android N.

Conclusion: A touch of 7-revolution?

The touch series of Samsung has so far very convinced. A big, beautiful display with the best technology at the time, a phenomenal battery and not to forget: the useful features with the stylus pen. With the note of 5, an appealing design was finally placed alongside the good hardware. I think that we will see an evolution instead of revolution in the grade 7. It will be the details that Samsung will have screwed, as we would expect in the Galaxy S7. We are sure that in the course of time always more information about the grade 6 are leaking and are happy to share it with you.