Samsung Galaxy Touch Fold – Foldable Smartphone for 2017?

The edge display of the S6 edge was very impressive, but soon seems to be coming that there has never been something completely new. There is talk of a Phablet with foldable display. Learn here how the Smartphone will look like and what opportunities it will provide.
We seem to move us in the things of which we had always dreamed come true now slowly at the time. Samsung had already indicated it a few years ago with its flexible AMOLED displays. Although every now and then a possible was predicted the release of such a device and presented interesting prototypes in action or mass production has made it so far but still no device, but now the flexible Smartphone seems to be more specific.

Samsung patent shows foldable Smartphone

Samsung makes patenting a new folding technology for Smartphone displays are. The patent describes a continuous screen which can fold in the middle and fold. The feature is located on the back: Samsung seems to have divided the hardware, as we already know it by the surface book into two sections. What will become of the patent, is still open. Is interesting but in any case.
I think that everyone already had experienced the moment, where you would prefer greater than have the screen of the Smartphone. Why you look at not just a Phablet buys, is clear. The everyday usability dramatically decreases with increasing size. We humans are on multifunctional solutions, we want to have everything as compact and uncomplicated as possible. Therefore, a Smartphone with fold-out display would come handy. However, some problems must be solved first, so that the request can be implemented also really good from a “2-in-1-Smartphone”. The biggest difficulty is the display, which bent and so some must endure. The size or thickness of the Smartphone is also not negligible.
Two models should therefore be in work: one is a Smartphone with a Snapdragon processor 620. The second unit will work with the better Snapdragon 820, which is also as a platform for the upcoming flagship Galaxy S7 in the conversation. For this also further unspecified: 3 gigabytes of memory will also a Micro SD slot and a non replaceable battery be included.
UPDATE: 06 may -a foldable Smartphone seems to be coming closer. As ETNews reported now, we could see such a Smartphone in the next year. Therefore the test phases should be already so advanced, that Samsung may 2017 go into mass production. The idea seemed completely absurd a few years ago, but now our smartphones however will not be getting bigger, the hands. A Smartphone that you can fold up on Tabletmaße, would be quite practical. It may be next year.
What do you think of a foldable Smartphone and what would you call it? Galaxy seems to us a good name note fold.