Samsung Gear 2 Neo, Analysis

Samsung confirmed at the last Mobile World Congress that both its new S5 Galaxy and the wearable of the new range Gear come to the main markets on 11 April, which the Koreans have complied with punctuality, and flaunting again of its huge production capacity and logistics.
We know that 2014 is the year of wearable devices, so in Xataka Android we have rushed to get a unit of the new smart watch from Samsung, the Neo 2 Gear, today we discussed in depth so that you can evaluate firsthand the usefulness of a smartwatch in our days.
It is not the first Samsung approach to this market, already last year was for sale Samsung Galaxy Gear, a smart watch that nevertheless passed unnoticed, and which received much criticism to try to encompass much by pressing shortly, with a clear lack of definition in the real needs of a device of its kind.
2-Gear has evolved and grown, is no longer a balloon probe that does not know where attack this market, and with the permission of Pebble is today one of the most serious between the smart watches.
Obviously, we know that it is not a device with Android, but with Tizen, but this boils down to the simple operating system that controls the clock, then most of its features are intended to serve as a complement to the Samsung Galaxy range, thus becoming the best ally of our Korean androids. Let’s see then what offers us the Samsung Gear 2 Neo.

Design and materials

Samsung Gear 2 Neo makes it very clear that as clock is nothing conventional. Proof of this is that this weekend we have had to explain several times what is and what is to who repaired on our wrist.
However, its design It has much improved ergonomics to make the appropriate a device that we’ll put virtually all the time. It is now smaller, more thin and more lightweight, convenient to use and with straps that can be exchanged like any other clock.
The full dimensions of the Gear 2 Neo are in the 37.9 × 58.8 × 10.0 mm, with a weight of 55 grams. Its size is very got and is it not large though it is placed in a very fine doll, so therefore there will be no criticism or detractors. If any questions, for a girl it not true.
In our case, the Gear 2 Neo is finished in plastic, it should be recalled that the Gear 2 camera, only difference between the two besides their finish, is made in a metallic finish. Plastic Gear 2 Neo is Matt and has a feel similar to the teflon, which gives very good feeling and repels dirt, which is necessary for a watch that will become damp, to wash hands and will play with fingers in many occasions.
By the above, we must leave the data already here, and it is that Samsung Gear 2 Neo is resistant to water and dust Thanks to certified IP67.
The device It has only a central button under the touch screen, It will be used to turn it on and turn it off, and to which you can assign a function to the double-tap. Away from that and the infrared port which is at the top, little more is to comment its minimalist design, that not even sample Samsung brand on the front.
On one side is the opening for the microphone, while the speaker is going to the other side. The internal face of the watch shows the heart rate sensor and Connector for charging, in plastic base and which is connected to the mains by means of a standard microUSB port.
If there is any drawback in this section, perhaps the lack of a connector jack for audio, but this fact has supplemented with the possibility of linking a cordless handset via Bluetooth, which is also used to maintain connectivity between the clock and the smartphone.
ES a comfortable watch that does not make us miss the feeling of a traditional clock, and although obviously lacking the glamour of an Omega or a Hublot, this is eclipsed by the amount of things that allows us to make a smartwatch like this.

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Hardware, performance, and usability

Always begin this section of the website with a technical panel and a battery of benchmarks, which in this case would make very little sense beyond his AMOLED display full color of 1.63 inches and resolution 320 x 320 pixels, with a density of 278 ppp which makes look perfect way to watch.
As it is clear, the Neo 2 Gear hardware is more than equipped to move the interface that Samsung has designed about Tizen, but for lovers of the data, we will review what is inside the brand new Samsung smart watch:

  • Dual core 1 GHz processor
  • 512 MB of RAM memory
  • 4 GB of internal storage not upgradeable
  • 315 mAh battery

Commented cast is completed with an infrared port to control our TV, Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0 you and sensors to quantify our physical activity: accelerometer, gyroscope, pedometer and heart rate monitor. Gear 2 also has a 2 megapixel camera.
Clock performance is remarkable, its response, and interaction with him is very simple. To sample a button, and it is that although the display stays turned off most of the time, own clock lights up as if by magic to make the gesture of looking at time, very striking and also extremely useful thing.
The touchscreen is large enough to allow read notifications or control the quantifier comfortably, and touch sensor responds quickly to the gestures and pulsations, without any lag that impair the user experience.
The operating system is well designed, allows you to configure virtually everything and is easy to use completely through gestures. Move to the side shows the applications and options, Downshifting returns back, and button leads directly to the main screen of the clock.
As if this wasn’t enough, We can do almost anything with our voice, and it is that thanks to the integration of S Voice you can write and send an SMS, call a contact or ask directly to watch the weather, although if you do it in the street you less risk that you look with disbelief and you take for locos.
Infrared port works fine but in this case it is rather slow. That Yes, very easily connects to any TV so we can use the remote control clock. Also function as sensors for the quantification, which we will discuss more in depth in the next section are expected.
Negative performance note already os expect it the most, and it is that Samsung has that your optimization of resources leads to Gear 2 Neo with a range of 2 to 3 days of intensive use, which could reach the 6 days of normal use, the truth is that We have to talk about two fair-intensive days and probably about 4 in common use.

Software, what is a smartwatch?

That is the big question that arises when analyzing a device of this type, and the reply is expected: can be used for many things, but It all depends on the approach and the software that gives you life, because the hardware we already have and we already knew long ago that was possible.
In a market so green, it is difficult to know the real needs of the users, so many have opted for different devices, which has only triumphed Pebble, who happens to be the simplest solution curiously. The own Samsung fail so badly with his first Galaxy Gear, although they have learned quite a bit with him.
This new Gear 2 Neo has clear convictions, and it seems that Koreans have finally understood that a watch not desperately needs a camera, this time has relegated that to his version of higher price.
Instead, the focus has been to the two largest utilities of a device which we will always bear in the wrist, such as notifications and quantification, In addition to logic linked smartphone multimedia control additive.
Gear 2 Neo works swimmingly as conventional clock, but is allowing in addition read quickly and at a stroke any notification that comes to our smartphone, that Yes, limiting compatibility to the Galaxy terminals more pointers from Samsung. Also we can answer calls directly speaking to the clock, or reject them and easily motive by means of an SMS through integration of S Voice.
If this seems little, the new Samsung Smart Watch also you will be monitoring every second our daily activity and our night’s rest, In addition to having a training mode to make bicycle trips, runs or walks. This mode shows us our most relevant information such as heart rate, the approximate calories you have consumed, distance traveled, pace, or while we have trained.
Its performance as a quantifier is excellent, and we can say that by measuring the distance of race in a static tape no it has distanced itself much of the final result of the machine.
Gear 2 Neo also allows control of the smartphone multimedia playback, and even allows us to play music directly from your 4 GB memory, for which we can very easily move songs from Gear Manager. It is possible to link him to the watch headphones Bluetooth, so We can leave to do sport without the smartphone over, independence in this case many will thank you for.
As additive, we have to assess and review as deserves the customization that can be to the clock, almost complete, as well as the possibility to install applications through the Samsung store, thing that will add secure valuable as time goes.
Today the amount of apps available is extremely limited, with the handicap that most are paid, although the main developers are already working to bring their creations to the Neo 2 Gear, and sure that Samsung Apps will register many more specific entries for the Neo 2 Gear in the coming months.
For use with all its possibilities, we will install on our smartphone Manager Gear Manager, a very neat and intuitive application that allows to control and configure the remote clock from your smartphone. In addition, we will have to install Fitness with Gear to synchronize and manage data from physical activity, collecting the Gear 2 Neo sensors with the terminal.

Samsung Gear 2 Neo, Xataka Android view

After using the new Samsung smartwatch for only 3 days have seen that such devices will not only be in the majority of dolls in a probably short period of time, but it also We can corroborate firsthand that it can get very useful.

In favour

  • Quality screen
  • Good ergonomics
  • Quantifier and smartwatch all in one


  • Just autonomy
  • Limited to some Galaxy support

We have been long waiting for a smart watch that also cuantificase, because it is illogical to buy two different devices so both are placed in the same site and make a completely complementary activity. Samsung has successful in this case, and the possibilities of the new Gear 2 are also very spacious.
The market is still immature, but We believe that the Samsung is the closest time to what should be a smart watch, with the possibility to check notifications and minimally control functions of the smartphone without removing this from your pocket, purse, or backpack, but also quietly monitoring our activity to help us care for our health and allowing use applications that will take advantage of a screen that looks very good.
Samsung Gear 2 Neo we liked, although its price of 199 euros in store coupled with inability to use with smartphones from other manufacturers, surely it will get back to many users who would be happy to get the hands on this clock.
If we wanted to, we could discuss the price, but it seems to us in tune with the market and its functionality, and will not demagoguery by comparing the utility of a watch of this type with a precision mechanics machine as it is an automatic watch. However, we will not discuss that limited compatibility stripping very sexy, and we strongly encourage to Samsung to open ecosystem allowing Gear 2 to get to more devices.