Samsung Has Used Incredible Amounts of Money on Achieving Their Best Years

Just under 100 billion kroner has the cost of marketing and sales promotion to obtain the best-ever market share.
It costs money to make money, it is said, look there at Samsung and their campaigns the past year hills were incredibly well up on this statement.
On marketing and advertising have Samsung according to a report from Reuters used 76.5 billion dollars on a single year. It is well over triple of what they spent in 2012 and more than four times as much as Apple and Microsoft last year.
It is not only on advertisements used money, also on “marketing that aims to increase sales by using coupons or other financial incentives to customers and dealers”. This post has been going for no less than 4.581 billion kroner in Korea alone.
All in all, the Samsung spent in the region of 100 billion dollars on marketing and sales promotions this year, a staggering amount, admittedly, but if the goal is market share at least some of the money may be well spent.
The report from Reuters can be found here.