Samsung: We Are Ready with 8 Gigabit LPDDR4 Ram for Mobiles

In order to remain in the forefront, Samsung has now announced that they are ready with a new type of dynamic RAM that energy-friendly delivers better performance.
Phones increasingly takes over tasks from our common computers, and it puts high demands on producers, therefore, to keep the engine up to date with the latest hardware.
Seen in the light of the development, now Samsung has just announced that they are ready with a new type of dynamic RAM chip of 8 Gigabit. It writes our site.
However, it must be pointed out here that this is not a 8 GB RAM chip, but instead 8 Gigabit. By a special manufacturing process have Samsung so the opportunity to make a 4 GB RAM chip, which is higher than the market’s current 3 GB, and among other things found in Samsung Galaxy Note 3.
Performance should be seen in the light of energy consumption, and the new LPDDR4 chip can move data at twice the speed of current LPDDR3 standard, and to a 40% lower energy consumption.
So far, the new chip is not in some mobiles, but according to Samsung is the created for phones with very high resolution. In this context, it would be nearby, that we see a mobile phone that is powered by the new chip at the forthcoming CES exhibition.