Sarah Jessica Parker Shoes Line

You definitely will remember it as Carrie Bradshaw in the famous US series Sex and the City , as it has become an icon of style and elegance for women around the world.
During all the years that have characterized the changes look for the actress Sarah Jessica Parker, there was a definitely a constant, a love that even the actress herself has been able to refuse his character: that for expensive shoes and, in specifically, for Manolo Blahnik. And this is the brand with which to collaborate to create the footwear line, trench coats and bags “SJP” which will be available from 2014.

For now, the reports say that the pieces can only be found from Nordstrom but of course it is hoped that they bought a little ‘everywhere. Prices? Well they say are more “content” than usual Manolo and should be from $ 200 (for shoes) to $ 700 (for handbags and trench). A much lower range when compared to those of designers haute cuture.
Surely I’m curious to see what will be able to make the Parker, I think sometimes something really nice and new can come from those who work in the fashion we did not but nevertheless we are dealing, directly or indirectly, and then return to it approaches for passion, for love.These, along with of course the dedication and work, may be the ingredients for the success of a project. And what do you think?