Scramble Between Apple and Samsung Continues

Apple is once again on the rampage to demand sales ban on over 20 Samsung phones-which are no longer sold
It might sound like the plot of a Kafka novel, but is the situation in California right now. Apple has, after first having been rejected, now once again been allowed to apply for a ban on about 20 different mobile phones from Samsung, although none of them anymore is for sale in the United States.
This is done as an offshoot of the patent case from 2012, where Apple was awarded a replacement, which ended up being an impressive $ 930 million.
Since Apple has tried to impose a sales ban on around 20 models, which violates their copyright. But since the case has taken so long, then none of the models longer for sale …

This concern, however, not Apple, which still wants the Court’s injunction in their indictment. This would form the basis for further legal action, since we are of the view that Samsung’s new products are identical to the old-just in new packaging and new colors.
If the Court grants Apple’s favour, as you can with the decision and new evidence in hand put an end to the Samsung Galaxy S (III), if you can demonstrate that it does not differ significantly from the Galaxy S II. In other words, you will be able to stop any Samsung product that includes technology, which is on the list of patent rights that previously has been violated.
Apple has not, however, intend to stop here. A new lawsuit sees the light for March, where Samsung again should put back to Apple’s claims of breach of patent rights. This time is the Galaxy S and Galaxy III Note on the list, and both companies, which have spent huge sums on lawyers, can again begin to sign the lawyer checks in yet another long-term case.