Sequined Party Dresses

Party dresses with sequins. Sequins or sequins were the Queens of the 1980s and, this season, they emerge stronger than ever, particularly in prom dresses.
We have seen them in the collections of many designers and catalogs of all kinds dresses fashion shops, but if there is one that stands out is the minidress, too tight, and covered with sequins.
Combine it with thick socks and sandals for a night of the most glamorous but yes, do not overdo with add-ins.

In terms of colors, include blacks, the Golden and the silver that completely cover the mini-dresses, are used to make geometric shapes or simply decorate strategic points of a smooth dress; Although increasingly are integrating a greater number of colors as the purple or blue according to 800zipcodes.
Bright sequins and the muted metallic hues add a touch of luxury to simple straight dresses or dazzle as a gemstone in a dress to middle leg with brilliant. Try to match your prom dress with a cardigan chunky knit and Oxford shoes with sole rolled during the day, to give you a carefree and chic look.
Update your dresses sequins and your straight dresses with embellishments of accounts into the new season with stylish hi-top sneakers and Aviator jackets. As an alternative, it carries the bare legs and canvas sneakers to give a fresh and sporty touch to your dresses ornamented.