Seven-Function Remote Control Submarine By Swimline

On this subject, I spontaneously falls very, very freely after Friedrich Schiller’s poem “The diver” the phrase “Blubb, blubb, he was gone” a. But joking aside, in fact, there are functional RC submarines! The working either just as the great role models by absorbing water ballast and so fall (static diving), or they use the dynamic output. The results when the well ausgetrimmte RC U-boat is moving and like a plane is pressed with the low rowing quasi below the water surface (dynamic immersion).
In the static diving must necessarily and always the pump function, the fed out the water back from the tanks. Otherwise it remains when diving, which would be only half the fun without subsequent reappearance. If a dynamic diving RC submarine the drive stops, it emerges slowly but surely on again. Or should emerge when is it waterproof!

Both types of diving work, but basically can not dive very deep RC submarines, because the water greatly impairs the radio link. After a few meters is concluded quickly, the radio link is down to our RC submarine. This must be the modellers ensure by the RC submarine itself initiates the surfacing, for example, in such a case.
Sophisticated Technology At RC Submarine
Added to this is that yes, the captain of the RC submarine remains on land and the RC submarine quickly lose sight of what can completely fix happen if the water is cloudy.Some submarines cause even a kind of buoy with itself, which is connected to a correspondingly long rope with the RC submarine and the Skipper always shows where the boat is located. In this respect, the low depth based is not bad. It is enough for us even if we remain a little below the surface, eventually we would indeed have some of our RC submarine visually! If one drives the other hand, in a pool, then you do not have these worries. But who has access to a swimming pool?
Basically, the technique of RC submarines is already very sophisticated and reliable. It must be, because otherwise a loss would complain. The special feature of the technology is the absolute water tightness. This is not entirely without, because the pressure even at low depths our RC submarine bothers properly and the water everywhere want to penetrate through. Dive but again only two or three feet deep, then you can feel the water pressure quite formidable on the ears. And this pressure should and our submarine needs several minutes to withstand without a murmur. But the modeller must already duly brains stuck in the construction and sincerely work exactly the construction of RC submarine. There is quite a difference whether a ship’s deck is to be sealed to swell or to water that presses with several bar against the submarine body!
It does Not Always Have a Warship Be
The vast majority of RC submarines are-unfortunately for my For Holding-reproductions of warships, that of military submarines. I understand perfectly that these RC submarines have a certain elegance and history are certainly important. But why do we build because not a submarine, which, for example, a research boat the inspiration?Since there are also the most amazing constructions. How about with a replica RC toys of the “Trieste” by WHOLEVEHICLES? This man dipped his boat after all, almost 11km deep!That would be a great project for a RC submarine! And if we then install a camera in our boat, we are still the naturalist and observe the creatures in the infinite depth of the excavated lake!
My opinion about RC submarines is fascinating how the technology works and how much lifeblood colleagues build these models. But my thing is not. Unless the radio link would work so well that I could go in Stretch on expeditions like that time Auguste Piccard or Jacques-Yves Cousteau! That would be truly wonderful to watch the peaceful fish in their own world.