Shopping Under Pressure

The feeling limps me at Limango, Vente-Privee and Co… the so-called shopping clubs. I have completely condemned this kind of shopping.
 I am annoyed by these campaign running times and the really “good” parts are anyway 3 milliseconds after publication out of print, because there was only a tiny contingent. If I find something that delights my heart, I have already forgotten that I ordered it, until the desired piece is delivered home… It must only be the runtime until the vendor leaves the bought to send , Aaaber, of course, I must immediately pay incl. Shipping costs… where would we go otherwise?
Shopping Under Pressure… ..
That’s exactly the kind of feeling that creeps over me on Limango, Vente-Privee and co… the so-called shopping clubs. I have renounced this type of shopping enjoyment completely. These timespan campaigns get on my nerves and the “good” things are anyhow out of stock 3 milliseconds after they are announced because there is only a tiny contingent available. If I do not know what I’m doing, I’ll be back to you. But, of course. Where would we go?


Of course you have to be a member or become a shopping club-it is a totally exclusive bunch … yes, yes … and I am a member… in each of these imaginable clubs that the WWW has to offer. However, for some years now, I have been stopping the existence of a map.Only when I am totally laaaaangweilig, it can happen that I am lost on one of the offer platforms, in order to establish: I missed nüscht… Ok … of course, there was just a totally hippen relaunche the website-everything is now much clearer and more user-friendly and that Offer, of course, even more exclusive …!!!
Non-Active Member
Of course, I would like to be a member of the club, but I would like to be a member of the club. However I have been a non-active member for a few years. Only when I am totally bored I can not believe that I have a lot of problems with this And user friendly and the offers are of course much more exclusive…!!!

Buy negative pressure

Only the principle is still the same-under pressure shopping. Finally, the product is only reserved for a short time in the shopping cart and purchased immediately after approval by another “victim”. This is a nasty marketing strategy that works with vulgar psychological tricks.In such a club I bought also a completely useless piece of clothing (jaaaa, so what is it)… But this is another story, which will surely find space on my blog soon… In my today’s outfit is no piece on one of these platforms Bought. The top is from All Saints and it has a totally refined, wounded back part-unfortunately you can not recognize as well in the pictures as I would have liked… I hope you can imagine it nevertheless. Now I’m curious, I’m interested in your opinion about club shopping very much. I wish you a good start in the short week… Alles Liebe!
Shopping Under Pressure
The principle is the same thing-shopping bridal gowns under Ultimately the product is only available for a short time in the shopping basket.It’s a very nasty marketing strategy working with disdainful psychological tricks. If you are looking for a place to stay in the city, then this is the place for you! I can not wait to see you again. I can not wait to see you again. Now, however, I am looking forward to hearing from you. Have a good start to a short week… All the best!