Sigg Aluminum Water Bottle

Despite the widespread use of plastics, the “bottle” aluminum resisted time and today has risen to the role of a true cult product.
A conscious choice, that each of us is called to do: in addition to being a citizen of the new Millennium loves planet we live with what we might call “eco-logical” action. In this sense, the right companion for a trek into town, for sports, outdoor excursions or simply any occasion of the day is the bottle SIGG, the “super light” in pure recyclable aluminum.
Attention to health and with respect for the environment: SIGG bottles comply perfectly to these two primary demands of today. The choice of aluminium for the production of bottles makes them, in fact, safe for health. Our physical needs to be constantly hydrated – about two liters of water a day for optimal functionality – but it’s good that the liquids do not come into contact with plastic and polycarbonate, which can release substances harmful to our health. Aluminum is the right answer: not releases chemicals, does not alter the taste and the composition of foods and beverages and is unalterable even in contact with acidic substances in fruit and isotonic drinks.

Last but not least, it is also absolutely hygienic: SIGG bottles can be cleaned easily and safely. An internal safety because the lining 100% indestructible and unchangeable meets the requirements of the American Food & Drug Administration. In fact, SIGG bottles do not contain any harmful substance like arsenic, barium, cadmium, mercury and selenium, elements found in bottles from the far-east and that forced us authorities to recall thousands of bottles harmful to health. But how to defend against an enemy so invisible? Simple: just the bottles with the brand SIGG Switzerland Ltd on the bottom are safe. A name you can trust. In addition, the proven quality indoor is also found in numerous proposals for external decoration: color printing is made by cold solvent-free materials. All the features that make the Swiss original bottles beverage container ideal for those who are attentive to their physique and well-being, leisure as in sport. A real plus for moms – ideal target of SIGG –, always looking for the best for the health of their child. Already essential in some countries, such as Germany, where children go to school, each with its own SIGG water bottle. A smart choice on the part of mothers, strong also indicates a ministerial advice given by schools for the opening of the school year.
Health of the environment: to dispose of a plastic bottle takes about 1,000 years and every day in Europe will end up in the dump up to 30 million pieces. Our planet requires the same care of our body. Choose to drink from a water bottle by SIGG aluminum means helping to reduce this impact on our environment. An infinitely recyclable, reusable bottle, indestructible but also equipped with accessories that make renewable energy over time. A way to drink, which is also a new way of being and behaving. For themselves and for others.