Skin Problems During Pregnancy

What to do to prevent skin problems during pregnancy?

During pregnancy a lot of hormonal changes take place.These changes are also clearly visible to the outside and most strongly to the skin.Many pregnant women formally shine.The skin looks younger, fresher and rosy, the hair grows and shines magnificently and the nails are strong and look healthy.
Others again suffer in pregnancy under massive acne and hair loss. If the former applies to you, you can only congratulate yourself, enjoy your stunning and radiant appearance. If the latter applies to you, you may wonder why this is so and what provides pregnancy fashion.
Beautiful stay during pregnancy

Sweating, acne & co in pregnancy

During pregnancy the skin can change in different ways. Your body collects water so that the skin looks taller and tighter. A great appearance is the result. The skin’s circulation is increased by six times in the case of arms and legs, which helps to make you sweat faster. This can cause red spots on the arms and décolleté. Unfortunately, pregnancy can also cause acne. The skin produces more sebum due to increased hormone levels, which clogs the pores and leads to oily skin and pimples. The skin can often react more sensitive during pregnancy as it is stretched and therefore more sensitive. Annoying pregnancies are the result. Also the pigmentation of the body can temporarily change. Brownish pigment spots or summer shoots can result.

Address the needs of the body

Even a pregnant woman should be careful to feel comfortable in her skin. In general, it is also important to take enough time for yourself during pregnancy. Even if you have to deal with so many skin problems, there is still no reason for despair. There are numerous tricks and methods to care for the body.
If you are suffering from severe sweating, you should have a daily shower.Use a mild shower gel in order not to irritate the skin unnecessarily.If you are suffering from acne, the face should be cleaned twice daily with gentle cleansing or gentle exfoliation.Peels remove dead skin particles.A soothing facial mask also works wonders.Annoying pregnancies are caused by the stretching of connective tissue.With massages, stretching exercises or sports such as swimming you can counteract the pregnancy.Strong sunshine enhances pigmentation and should therefore be avoided.
Some becoming moms feel blinding during pregnancy and look so, others feel less good and have to struggle with a variety of skin problems. If the problem with the skin during the whole pregnancy should not get under control, after the birth of the baby they are almost certainly disappeared as soon as they are dived.