Slim Fit Appropriate Costume

The combination of pieces chosen for this week in addition to beautiful, shows an exceptional elegance by opting only for clothes with trim slim without any exaggeration, especially when we know that one of the most frequent sins who is a fan of this kind of fit is over using the items more righteous than they should.
Firstly, it is always good to stress that “slim fit” and “skinny” are two completely different things: while the first is adjusted to the body, but not tight, skinny modeling is known just for being glued to the skyline, something that does not work for everyone, not for any kind of dress code.

The Slim Fit Right

Going back to talking about the slim; This is a much more democratic modeling, as has the Mission of highlighting the silhouette, but should not mark, much less make it look like the body was vacuum-packed, like many people out there think it is correct that the fabric of the plus size clothes just touch the skin, without pressing it, giving freedom to the movements, and without mark parts of your anatomy that should that should be hidden.
We talk more about it in this post:

Combination Of Parts And Colors

Talking about the combination between the pieces, what we have here is a casual look with a good command of fabrics and colors, with the clear distinction between the low layer formed by chino pants and shirt in color quite close, in tones, and the blazer and tie on a top layer, pulling for the marine, in addition to the nice touch of the Pocket square. The footwear could be a blutcher (derby) or oxford, but the choice of style “slip on” no laces ended up leaving the more relaxed.
Note: For a taste of Brazil the length of the pants are a little above, if you do not agree with this choice, use the bar in normal time, the end result is the same.