Smart Clock Pebble Familiarise with Cars from Mercedes

The German automaker will support smart-watch from the Pebble in their “DriveStyle” app, so you can get an even better experience behind the wheel.
Smart clock from Pebble, which at present can display messages from both iOS and Android, stands in advance for having to have its very own app store.
Now it seems that the smart clock must be even smarter. Carmaker Mercedes has implemented Pebble-Agency in their range of integrated accessories. It writes our site.
Focus on focus
Mercedes appears to have had a special focus on the clock should not interfere with your driving. Therefore, there will not be obtrusive messages while you sit behind the wheel.
On the other hand, will you through a little vibration from the clock could be made aware of a possible accident or perhaps road work ahead in traffic. Agency’s buttons on the page can be customized to activate special favorite features. It could be to shuffle the music or to directly activate the Apple “Siri” Assistant.
The hops, however, is that Pebble-agency only just started to give 3rd party developers access to do apps and develop the functionality, so Mercedes has had to hack their way into the clock to show the functions.
So if you are good at running the German automaker then you must wait a little longer.