Smart Watch of Apple Should Know a Dazzling Launch

According to a study of the Bank Morgan Stanley, investors underestimate widely future demand for the Apple Watch, the smart watch brand to Apple which must be marketed early 2015.
Apple Watch could break records. According to, investors largely underestimate demand coming for the smart watch of the Apple brand. Expected for the beginning of the year 2015, the Apple Watch could be a launch even faster than the iPhone and the iPad in their time.
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At the time, already, sales of the smartphone and the tablet of the Apple brand had been underestimated by analysts. In 2008, it had sold 12 million iPhone while the market was expecting 9 million sales. In 2010, 15 million Ipads had passed when investors expected in 3 times less.

At Least 30 Million Units Sold in 2015?

For analysts of Morgan Stanley, Apple Watch got a winner. Surfing hassoaring sales of connected watch – they expect between 530 million and a billion units passed by 2020-, the mark to Apple would sell between 10 and 30 million copies of his smartwatch. Better yet, they specify that this estimate is almost too reasonable.
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Indeed, Morgan Stanley estimated that of 315 millions of people who have an iPhone compatible with the Watch (5 c, 5s, 6 and 6 Plus), 10% will buy it. A penetration rate lower than that of the Ipad, which attracted 14 percent of owners of iPhone in his time. Finally, analysts explain that the initial intentions of purchase to the United States are now higher than they were for the iPhone and iPad.

The Autonomy of the Apple Watch in Question

These optimistic estimates should not miss a little more strengthen the confidence of investors, while the California company has just cross the mark of 700 billions of dollars of market capitalization on Wall Street.
But many areas of shadow still surround the Apple Watch. In addition to its release date and the price of the Watch and Edition versions, the issue of independence is still pending.
When asked by the Wall Street Journal at the end of October, the boss of Apple Tim Cook has admitted it would recharge at least once a day or at least once every two days, which augurs well for a range of the same order as that of the latest iPhone.

The Watch, Future Sports Coach

Certainty on the other hand: thanks to its many activity sensors, the Watch intends to become a real sports coach. With hollow ambition to pose as vector of personal well-being.
With Activity and Workout, the Watch includes two dedicated to health and fitness applications that allow to view and identify both athletic performance and to measure activity.
A whole set of data that can be compiled in Health, the health integrated iOS app 8 aspires to make the iPhone 6 a true digital health record.

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