So Bold Is the New Update from usprivateschoolsfinder

Our site has been given exclusive access to upcoming update of usprivateschoolsfinder, there will be better-looking, faster and better.
The old advertisements in newspaper format is hopelessly out of date, and the vast majority of Danes using instead the Internet when they are going on a quotation hunt.
Here is the usprivateschoolsfinder app solution for many, which soon will have access to digital flyers, and share smart shopping lists from each other.
Now, the boys from company updates ready, and exclusive granted our site permission to test improvements on the iOS version. Here comes the first impression.
Nice and informative
The update offers a course on a redesigned logo in style with the flat look from the iOS 7. The design is followed through the app, and, of course, held in the familiar eTilbudsavis-green color.
The list is also improved considerably in the app, and the added information is implemented on a nice and orderly way.
Tip-tuned from scratch
usprivateschoolsfinder has rewritten the app for iOS devices, and it is clearly labelled. Control takes place at lightning speed, even if the old one was no retiree. Additionally, you can use iPhones new navigation from the left edge of the display when you skip back and forth in the app. It facilitates control with one hand.
The update also offers offline functionality, so you don’t have to worry about missing data coverage, when the supermarket shopping list should be retrieved. Everything happens “behind the scenes” and updated with lightning speed, so you just need to shop in comfort.
Improved shopping lists
There are many ways to share lists on, but with eTilbudsavis, you will always be able to add items from the flyers. So we can just show the clerk that you have bananas on sale this week.
The function is now also improved in clarity, since you via an info-button can change number and add comment to item. The company has also added the function “wish lists” so you, in the same way as with shopping lists, can share your wishes with your family and friends.
Right on the stairs
Morten Bo, who is co-founder of Computerdo, tells our site to the public deployment of the update (4.0.0) is imminent. This applies both to iOS, Android, and Windows 8.
Windows Phone users must arm themselves with patience, but can look forward to an update at the beginning of the new year.