So Is The Perfect Photo For Your Linkedin Profile

The career network LinkedIn is enjoying increasing popularity. But even when the mobile job search is the first impression you make the most important to a potential new employer. It is therefore in your LinkedIn profile on the appropriate photo. In our guide, we provide you tips that you should keep in mind so that you immediately positive prick out with your image from the masses.
So Is The Perfect Photo For Your Linkedin Profile
Ensures The Necessary Feel-Good Factor
Nothing is more important in your LinkedIn profile as the profile picture. Who presented himself by photo, whose page is at seven times more clicks than pages without image. Employers often interpret a profile without photo as a lack of interest in a new job. Your perfect visual visibility is all the more important.
A good photograph is created only if you even feel comfortable. Seek ye therefore best a photographer, you know. Whether it is a family member or a friend. The main thing is that you feel loose and relaxed in the environment of the selected person. In addition, you save a lot of money for a professional photographer. And one thing everyone should clear its: no Selfies!

The Equipment Makes The Difference
Use a good digital camera and not a Smartphone for your LinkedIn image in any case. As a result, you’ll get a better quality and on the other hand, you can choose the best from a wide range of images.
Pays attention also to the appropriate attire. This is of course highly dependent in what area you are looking for a new job. If you are toying with a post in a Bank, jeans and a T-Shirt are certainly not the right choice. For an Internet startup, however, a suit and tie would be just as inappropriate.
Choose A Suitable Background
Before you scan you let, you should do you also worry about a suitable background for your LinkedIn photo. This ensures that this does not distract from the actual protagonist of the image: you! When you scan you in a room, then makes sure that you are against a background of light and unobtrusive. At an outdoors you should the Choose background so in post processing, the focus of the image on you. Although some tuning can be by post processing, but a good result achieved with a bad template difficult.
Choose The Right Size
Remember that an application photo is usually a close-up of the head and upper body. Should you see your feet on the photo then the photographer clearly much too far away from you is away. When editing your photos, you must always make sure that LinkedIn accepts images in JPG, GIF and PNG format with a size of up to 4 MB. The dimensions of the image should be 200 x 200 or 500 x 500. Effects such as sepia are sometimes effective on Facebook, have lost nothing in an application photo but.

  • Find a photographer you know and which gives you a good feeling
  • Use a good digital camera and takes care of the appropriate attire
  • Makes you worry about the right background which does not distract from your own
  • Paying attention to the correct dimensions of your LinkedIn photos and hang back with filters