So Much Has Happened with Mobile Displays Since 88'

As a reminder of what has happened since 1988, Samsung has now illustrated their display-development over the last 25 years.
If you’ve been following along on our site yesterday, now have probably seen that HTC has illustrated what is required to adapt a new Android update to their devices.
Samsung have now posted their info graphic drawing, however, does not report difficulties in adoption of the operating system Android. Tech-giant has instead created an overview of developments in their mobile displays. It writes our site.
It puts things in perspective when you through the picture, Samsung has posted, can see that it was only in February 1998 that Samsung was ready with a mobile phone that can send and read sms messages.
Regardless of which brand of mobiles you swear to, then I would recommend taking a short trip through history in mobile displays, which you can find here. In any case, the pictures speak for themselves, and so we can only guess how the illustration looks about 25 more years.
How do you think the last the last cell in the drawing looks for the time?