So Use Chromecast Today in Spain

Finally the day came. Eight months after its launch in the United States, Chromecast lands in Spain. Throughout this week will arrive the first units to many TVs and screens with HDMI connector on the back. Several million devices later, who would say Pichai, is already with us.
Now, has landed but How can I use Chromecast today? Since it announced the way it has been quite hard and continuous promises by the Google team have been taking shape with great patience and not on a massive scale. However, there are many applications and services that can take advantage.

Google officials

As it could not be otherwise, Google began to clothing to Chromecast under services controlling herself. A good starting point for what could be done with it but insufficient for a medium and long term strategy. A select club of three applications that we know already.
YouTube, video streaming by excellence in service. Millions and millions of content that we can send from your mobile screen with touch of a button. Google Play Movies, the attempt of Google by position in the purchase of movies in digital format. It is not that more pull has but sometimes has attractive offers. He could not stay out of the equation.
In third place Google Play Music. Music on demand with the possibility of listening to everything that we have uploaded to the cloud. It is not one of the most used but to have a makeshift mini is a very interesting option in the absence of other services with more pull, read Spotify, having support to be able to be used with Chromecast. Now well what beyond the borders of Google?

The original partners of Chromecast: touch wait

Originally, Google announced a major agreement with different platforms of video on demand in United States. Hulu, Netflix, HBO Go… Services that on the other the pond have increasingly more pull, but that unfortunately fail, still, to Spain. Solutions there is that Yes.
You can opt for good change some DNS on the router so that Chromecast not restrict access from your list either flashing white dongle with a sign other than that puts Google. This latter process is simple but requires some fundamental: that never it is connected to the Internet previously.
When the first units of Chromecast reach Spain will see if Google has fixed this bug in series either already be installed a sign home without any problem. They are not the priority, but now that it is here we will see if Filmin, Wuaki and company updated their applications to be compatible with it. At the moment such agreements little affects us in Spain and to to use them it is necessary to go beyond average user. Come on, now, with the part where there is much to explore.

Applications of all kinds, Plex and many more

When Google released Chromecast SDK, a few developers were launched to create new applications or update that already had. The good news is that soon we have a few that are quite interesting and go beyond a technical demonstration of what might, in future, be with them.
One of the references, its importance and its career, is Plex. One of the most powerful mediacenter of the moment already allows to send local content also via Chromecast. At first it takes a little time to configure it but once we have it is a very useful tool to view content without cables. In Xataka Home they devoted a special to very interesting background.
If ours is to listen to music radio, without playlists made by us, Songza was upgraded to long to send his theme music directly to Chromecast. Pocket Casts added recently will also support and we can hear our favorite shows directly there.
To send photos, we have several solutions. Hand Castaway that displays photos you have uploads in Facebook or Google +. To see content local that we have stored on your phone or tablet have people AllCast handles CyanogenMod. In addition this last application has support for video and music.
If Plex does not convince us as a solution to have a multimedia player, we also have other applications such as Real Player Cloud, Avia Media Player or Yatse. All of them are equally valid and interesting to send content to the screen through this accessory.
Eight months later can say that Chromecast ecosystem in certain health and now that she is in more market is expected to grow still more. Now well what will be the future of this adapter? Be the King of the category HDMI dongle or compete directly with systems Smart TV?