Sony Launches Accessories to Control Android with Sony SmartWatch

More and more connectivity that gives Android It is operated by several companies to take advantage of the mobile phone with different attachments that contain Android. Who wants to take the step with your Sony SmartWatch is now Sony and like its predecessor, is a small Android device that can be used as remote control of our smartphones and advanced wrist watch.
Does not follow completely the line brought last year model, since they do not change the main features, but the appearance and variety of belts giving us more freedom of customization and versatility when choosing to give us more personality that distinguish our style.
Its main function is the of be discreetly updated the latest notifications that reach our telephone, whether with notifications from Facebook, Twitter, or well new emails or SMS messages. Also let us know of events on the calendar to not miss any appointment.
But during the calls is where behaves quite complete, Since shows us on screen who is calling us, and since the SmartWatch can recharzarla, mute it, send a predefined message, or activate the hands free to receive it and thus not have to rummage the phone in case that is something completely mundane or very urgent so that we can do without.
Its dimensions are 36 × 36 mm, with a thickness of 8 mm, and weighs only 15.5 grams (26 grams with belt), making it a bit heavy for a clock, but we can be dispensable for who you want to take advantage of. At the moment we do not have information on the date of placing on the market, but the price will be around in the lathe to the 150 euros.