SPC Change Image and Is Released to The Market Wearable

The company SPC It is reorganizing its ranks and has told us that this summer will come to the market new tablets with more powerful than current chips including a model with the 8-core SoC AllWinner A80.
In addition, we could also see the first strokes of what will be their first smartwatch. It will be based on Android and mounts a touch screen of 1.8 inches with a very elaborate finish to the of the Bracelet cuantificadora with pedometer and calorie counter functions. The most interesting, no doubt, will be its price.

The wearables arrive at affordable price range

SPC has told us the benefits of the smartwatch that come with rubber bracelets medical, which does not produce any kind of allergy, and a matte black finish. It also has a magnetic charging system reminiscent to the charger Pebble or the latest tablets of Sony or MacBook computers.
At the moment we do not know all the details about the Smart clock Smartee Watch since it is still under development, is expected to reach the market this summer but we leave you with Alberto Rodríguez of SPC that gives us a video tour by its main features as for example that integrates a SoC Ingenik either to be compatible with Android and iOS, and will allow to go beyond notifications and can interact with the smartphone content.
I commented that the issue of autonomy, round the Two days and that you will come to the market at a price lower than 99 euros, and have told us that it will be fairly tight.
Like the watch, SPC has also shown us one Bracelet cuantificadora touchscreen OLED will be touch (the model that are now testing not yet integrates it) and that in addition to giving us the hour will serve as system log of activity that we perform daily. Interesting note, the price 49,90 euros in September that will be when you arrive at the market either 19.90 euro if we decided we for the cheaper model, without display.