Speaker Bluetooth, Buying Tips To Choose The Best

Blue tooth speakers are infinitely more comfortable and convenient to use that those who need a cable to work. This is a fact.
With the new wireless transmission standards has improved much in this kind of connection between devices. Already left to remember the times in which the quality of sound that is transmitted with this system was very poor.
Now you can enjoy quality sound, in an enormous range of speakers of all kinds as described in microedu, that will suit your needs like a glove.
Since not all users are looking for the same in a wireless speaker, or all speakers are the same, we will give you some keys so you can purchase Bluetooth speaker that best suits your needs, looking for the most interesting depending on the type of device functions.

Minimum requirements for any type of wireless speaker

Apart from the quality or power of sound from each speaker, which will talk more in front of a more specific, your Bluetooth speakers should have a number of features that we could consider how basic and common to all of them, are the type that are.
Perhaps the most important requirement for a Bluetooth speaker is the compatibility with different versions of this same standard.
Bluetooth communication has evolved over the years to improve the quality of data, speed transmission and optimizing the energy consumed in the process. This has forced to create several evolutions of the Bluetooth standard.
More extended version is currently 4.1 Bluetooth or Bluetooth LE, therefore you must make sure that your Bluetooth speaker phone is compatible at least with version Bluetooth 2.1+EDR and have compatibility with A2DP to achieve a stable pairing, a good interpretation of the stereo sound and quality with the current emission devices connection.
In parallel with this new Bluetooth standards compatibility, also you’ll find interesting to your Bluetooth speaker system to support other methods of Wi-Fi to extend the possibilities of pairing with all kinds of emission devices.
They are currently expanding Wireless sound systems which use the NFC (Near Field Communication) as an alternative to the Bluetooth connection, with equally brilliant results.
You must also evaluate wireless systems implemented by the manufacturer as Apple AirPlay which allows you to create a network of wireless speakers in your House to control them from your Mac, iPhone or iPad or Samsung Allshare, which will allow you to establish communications with any DLNA-compliant device.
Another common feature on all Bluetooth devices should be a series of basic buttons that allow fast individual adjustment of the speaker.
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Wireless technology is designed so that the origin of the sound can be some distance from the speaker. For that reason, have a series of buttons integrated in the same speaker as volume, power, pairing or tracks, etc., control button will provide a whole extra comfort, avoiding having to access your smart phone, tablet, or anyone who is the origin of the sound to make adjustments. In the case of speaker Bluetooth for the home, it is also very useful incorporate a remote distance.

More than wireless connections

In addition to the mentioned support for different types of Wi-Fi, your Bluetooth Speaker phone must have some of the most common cable connections.
Yes, secure that you’ll wonder that for what I want to connect a cable is precisely what I want to avoid them. Having certain connections will bring versatility to your device and will expand their possibilities of use.
For example, if your device is equipped with a connection type 3.5 mm jack or a USB connector (or micro USB), can play content from a source that does not have Bluetooth connection as a desktop or portable antique, etc.

Portable Bluetooth speaker

Before you begin the search you must have clear use you’re going to give to the speaker.
Does not have the same characteristics or specifications a speaker designed to stay locked in your House, that one thought to carry it all day.
If you go by a speaker Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet, there are several important things that you should not overlook.
The first and more important is the battery. To enjoy hours of musical entertainment, it is basic to have a battery that is at the height of your expectations.
The minimum required is approximately 8 hours of uninterrupted play, although some can become perfectly up to 15 hours of use.
In addition, it is important to seek information on charging the battery once time has been exhausted since some devices may have a few excessively long load times.
Another important feature that should have a speaker for your smartphone or tablet is to be lightweight and compact. We assume that you will do you grace go all day with a brick of 1 kilo in the Pocket, so their weight and size is also a factor to consider when buying a Portable Bluetooth speaker.
In addition to the aforementioned features, it is basic to know the range of the speaker. Think how much more remote is the speaker of the sound source, lower reception and, therefore, will lose sound quality.
Than usual for this type of device is between 15 and 20 meters, if the distance is less will have to be always close to the speaker so you hear with a certain quality and can be a drag on that required portability.

Speakerphone and hands-free

Some portable Bluetooth speakers incorporate a microphone that will allow you to use it as a hands-free. Something very useful since they use the link already created between your smartphone and speaker to comfortably handle your calls without having to turn off the music or remove your smartphone from the Pocket.
When you receive a call, your smartphone or tablet Player pause will be activated and the call tone will sound from the speaker. When you finish the conversation and ends the call, returns to play the music at the exact point where it stopped before the call.

Sound outdoors

Due to the portable nature of Bluetooth speakers, they should have a number of features that ensure its protection against shocks and splashes.
This will give you greater peace of mind when carrying your speaker since it will be inevitable that with the use abroad, suffering a small fall or blow, expose to moisture from the grass of the park or the heat of a summer afternoon.
The use of enclosures made of insulating materials and the proper sealing of the buttons and speakers will ensure that you can enjoy your portable Bluetooth speaker for a long time.

Scalable sound

Scalability is a very unusual feature among the portable wireless speakers, but very useful sometimes, and you’ll be glad that your speaker has this function.
Bluetooth speakers allow you to connect between them, in addition to the device that emits sound. This, for example, allows you to attach your speaker with your friend and quickly create a sound system 2.0 with which the Sonic experience will substantially improve, or you can extend the coverage of the sound to cover more area. Ideal for parties or impromptu meetings.

Blue tooth high fidelity speakers

Not all Blue tooth speakers are designed to be portable. In fact, the improvement of the quality in the transmission of data via Blue tooth has created a new market Blue tooth high fidelity speakers that are capable of reproducing clear sound and powerful enough to satisfy the most Sybarite ears.
Enjoy a home theater sound system does not have to be accompanied by a tangle of cables scattered throughout the Hall. Thanks to Blue tooth home theater systems you can enjoy most of the versions of the Dolby sound from sound bar which you can sync with your TV or Wireless sound 5.1 and 7.1 without tripping over any wires.
But the wireless sound quality is not limited to Home Cinema equipment, also have sound towers or speaker systems 2.0 or 2.1 that you can use to connect them to your audio equipment such as traditional speakers, but that, independently, enable to reproduce sound from Bluetooth devices.

Quality and power of Bluetooth speakers

The terms of power are the equivalent to any type of speaker and it is conditioned by the use which is going to give to the device.
In General, the ideal is to be able to play the entire range of frequencies that the human being can perceive. This range is between 20 Hz bass frequencies and the 20,000 Hz (or 20 KHz) the treble.
I.e., if a speaker is able to cover all the frequency range can play a sound more nuanced and more faithful to reality. If this range is reduced by the low part, the speaker will not be able to offer some serious deep. If it makes it into the top, the sharper tones won’t appreciate.
In terms of the power of sound, it is directly related to the size of the speakers.For purely physical reasons, a 1.5 inch speaker cannot offer the same quality and power of sound to one of 5 inches.
This does not mean that the Portable Bluetooth speakers have poor sound quality, simply must find a balance between weight and size reduction for the sake of portability with the best possible sound quality.
Manufacturers are aware of these limitations, why they have designed portable devices capable of integrating up to 3 types of speakers or “drivers” that reproduce different frequency ranges and all in a compact size that you could carry around in a pocket.
Before deciding by a speaker Bluetooth check your specifications and checks if it is composed of a single cone or integrates several different sizes and frequencies. You will gain sound quality.
Still relying on the limitations applicable to size, it is recommended that elected speaker has a sound pressure of at least 80 DB.
In addition, try to always test your speakers before you buy. Very good specifications that have a speaker, in the end what really counts is the type of sound produced will be pleasant and, since that is a subjective perception of each person, you will have the last word.

Converts any speaker Bluetooth speaker

As an alternative to the purchase of a Bluetooth speaker for your home system, you can also choose to use a Bluetooth converter.
This device connects to your audio system traditional 3.5 mm audio cable and adds Bluetooth features.
It is an ideal solution for the connectivity of high-fidelity you have already installed the update and enjoy music on your smartphone with the best quality.
Also you can be useful to connect it to your computer’s speakers and enjoy your favorite music wirelessly without having to replace them with new ones.