Spirit Outfits for Football Games

The whole of Germany is in EM Fever: While men primarily focus on the football matches and their favorite beverage, is for many women a very different thing important: the right fan outfit. Cathy Hummels (28), wife of international Mats Hummels 0(27), has now made the European Championship as an opportunity to boost her career as a designer. In collaboration with eBay, she designed a lucky shirt. What’s behind it, she reveals in an interview with the news agency on spot news.

For the Euro 2016 you have created a fan-shirt. It will combine the host country France and Germany. What is the idea behind the design?
Cathy Hummels: I wanted to represent the Parisian way of life and the whole atmosphere in France. In my mind, many components have united, from which the T has emerged. It should be a stylish counterpart of the normal jersey. For those who want to buy something that is a bit more fashionable.
Apart from the Eiffel Tower and the hearts imprint in Germany color the shirt is kept fairly simple. Eye-catching details, there is not. A conscious decision?
Hummels: Yes, because it is easier to combine. It also has a small lump on the side. Less is sometimes more. We also wanted the T-shirt design implement.
When it comes to the right outfit while watching football, you know them very well. What is your styling tip for public viewing?
Hummels: Of course it is nice to be patriotic picks up the colors of Germany. the outfit You must not overweight but. For jersey or happiness-shirt can be, for example, combine a simple jeans. Also, I recommend chic sandals or wedge heel shoes that are comfortable. Even a painted Germany flag or accessories in black, red and gold are beautiful. One must calm their colors.
Elegant or Casual: What Do You Prefer?
Hummels: I like it like elegant, but sometimes casual. It depends on the occasion.
Hummels: I can well imagine sometime to start my own label. Fashion is just my passion and my love. I hope that it will eventually actually implemented.