Stockings and Socks in All Forms

Today’s article is dedicated to a product that is easily forgotten in the male wardrobe. Unlike the pocket squares, ties and scarves, often under the radar glides socks but is in our opinion one of the most important ingredients for a comfortable and stylish höstklädsel.

Having been a fairly mild and gentle autumn rain got cold and now as a letter in the mail.This meant that we seriously had to start dressing a little warmer. However, I have always liked autumn even if I live in a city where autumn storms feels a bit harder than in many other places in our country. The need to dress properly then becomes increasingly important. Today, we should not write about practical outerwear, warm tweed or welted boots that can withstand the weather. No, this gets a lot of space on this page yet. Instead, we should after many requests highlight the sock or SOCKS if you like. There are many reasons for this. One is that it is a very good Christmas present (to everyone over the age of 13). Another is that it is a practical garment. Wool or cashmere warms nice this time of year while a thinner variant of cotton is cooler during the warmer summer months.Finally, socks, of course, also can be stylish and a part of a well thought outfit, according to agooddir.
The idea behind today’s text is not to educate you on the label so as to a gentleman just wears knee socks. Sure, knee socks neatly and the absolute first choice for more formal attire or costume. Of course also work shorter variants. The only thing you should consider is that when you sit down and trousers go up a little, try to avoid a gap so that the skin will be shown because it looks so boring. Another call is to not wear Navy stockings into black shoes. They are too close to each other in the shade more cut on something oharmoniskt way. The Council is to black shoes choose dark grey socks or possibly black. Enough with the pointer and the key, to inspire you.
Our aim today is to facilitate for future sockinköp. In true Manolo-spirit, we have selected some more niche operators who specialize in only stockings of the highest quality.
The width is large when it comes to stockings and ranges from black thin formal socks to coarse knitted in wool with any pattern. This means that if you so desire, there is the possibility to use socks to give expression of one’s individuality. It can be quite exciting to break out of a dark suit with a sock in a bright color or interesting patterns. It screams not so much but does that formality is broken. On together way can match patterns like argyle-Plaid, spotted, striped or Fair Isle and create an individual look. Personally, I have a fondness for the Red Socks which I think looks very good in all kinds of brown shoes and stand-out just the right amount.
I have a love for Red socks. Here from Gammarelli.
When it comes to stockings by better quality so is the following brands interesting to remember: William Abraham, Bresciani, Calzificio Palatino, Sozzi Calze and Drake’s London for a little more dressy variants, and CHUP socks, American Trench, Scott Nichol, Merz B Schwanen and Gallo for more casual or thicker socks which lend themselves particularly well this time of year.
A major advantage of socks is that it is a great product to buy online. Once you find a brand you like, it’s easy to buy them online. They are flat and easy so will be shipping is usually very low.
Fair Isle-patterned thicker socks from CHUP which is ideal for a more casual style with thick brogues and jeans.
We have previously mentioned Mes chaussettes rouges at the Manolo, as they are the only store in the world that sells socks from Gammarelli. This is really a tailor shop a few steps from the Pantheon in central Rome that provides the Pope, Cardinals and bishops with their clothes. The young Frenchmen Jacues Tiberghien and Vincent Metzger visited Gamarelli liked this among #menswear-geeks hidden secret and bought a stock home. After some persuasion, they got the right to exclusively sell the Gammarellis stockings online.Most famous are the Red Socks worn by Cardinals. The order also purple which is worn by bishops and black used by priests. The socks are available in cotton or Merino Wool of the highest quality. They even have socks from Italian Bresciani and Gallo and French Dorè Dorè and Mazarin. Mazarin was originally best known for its Green stockings is now also available in a variety of other colors. Historically, these green stockings worn by members of the Academie Fracaise, the French Academy.
The next shop well worth visiting are Upper Socks. It was launched a year ago by former financier Emmanuel Heurteau in Paris. Their idea is to sell high quality luxurious stockings from small niche players to a demanding audience who appreciate that little extra. Of the brands that are sold are Rombaserade Calzificio Palatino some extra interesting because it is not sold by so many other players. The other brands that are sold are Italian Sozzi Calze and Bresciani as British Pantherella.
One orange sock can be a great accent color, for example, the blue suit. This from the Palatino.
One thing that is amazing with social media is the inspiration we can get there. A personal favorite account on Instagram is Mike @mdubsonsf. He runs this which is a blog with a tribute to his favorite brand Alden. His account appears only shoe pictures, in which he varies the models and colors in many cases matched with neat and well-considered stockings in an inspiring way.