Stromspartipps For Iphone: So The Iphone Battery Last Longer

Your iPhone battery is faster empty and this iPhone 6, 6 or 6 seconds plus can be used therefore only half a day? With our Stromspartipps for iOS 8, iOS happening 9 & co. that no longer!
IOS 9, there are numerous ways to reduce the battery consumption and so the run time of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s plus to extend. We show you all the tips and tricks that you can significantly extend the Akklaufzeit of your Apple smartphones.

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Video: So your iPhone battery saving

IPhone 6, 6 s & co. save the battery: power saving mode enable

A simple measure to increase the battery life of your iPhone, is to enable the power saving mode in the latest iOS versions. Is this enabled, retrieve E-mail, apps background updates, the automatic downloads and also some visualizations are disabled or reduced. If your battery falls below 20%, you will see a message on your iPhone and you will be asked whether you want to change in the power saving mode.Want you but already enable mode, opens your settings – battery and then turn it on.

Avoid video and music streaming

To stream music and videos much electricity costs. Permanent load from Internet consumed significantly more energy than pure playback of stored media. Who wants to see the music or movies from the Internet so regularly, should consider to download them. Spotify offers, for example, the offline mode in its premium service.

iPhone battery soon empty: turn screen brightness down

The screen is one of the biggest energy wasters (max brightness: 0.8 Watts, min brightness: 0.4 watts). It is, therefore, the brightness is best to customize more of the current situation. This is too cumbersome, can rely on the less efficient variant and enable the enable automatic brightness setting in the settings.

Extreme temperatures

The temperature of the battery has a serious influence on the achievable total capacity and service life.The lithium-ion batteries use either too high or too low temperatures. Apple recommends an instructions for use temperature between 0 and 35 degrees Celsius. It’s colder or warmer, the energy source reaches only a part of their overall capacity and also life because these conditions accelerate the aging process of the lithium-ion cell. Therefore protects the battery from excessive cold or heat such as direct sunlight or winter cold.

iOS: Save battery – shorten time to the automatic lock

Many users leave their Apple on iPhone, uses the auto-lock and the display is switched off. Who want to save battery, should prevent this waiting time, to disable the iPhone directly or otherwise shortened it in the settings. Since iOS 9 you can shorten this to up to 30 seconds. To set the lock, you have to go toSettings – General – automatic lock.

Flight mode in case of bad reception

Mobile radio network quality will affect the battery life. If you have bad reception, your iPhone tries to compensate for this and thus consumes more power. Constant switch between LTE, 3 G and EDGE can significantly reduce the battery level. If you’re in an area with bad network, enables your flight mode to save battery. To you wipe from bottom to top, and already you can activate airplane mode in the quick settings.

iPhone battery soon empty: Disable background updates

Background upgrades allow you to update content from apps in the background. This is while handy, if however has installed many apps and can be a real power hog this function however. Background refreshes you therefore should either completely disable or enable only for apps that are one very frequently used and important. To her typing to Settings – General – background refresh.

8 short tips: extend iPhone-Akklaufzeit

“Even small livestock makes crap” can be transferred to the battery life. In this bullet list we show you some quick tips with which you can significantly extend the battery life of your iPhone.

  • Reduce movement:In General – accessibility – reducing movement you can disable the Parallaxeffekte and more animations, the processor power and thus battery power of your iPhone 6 to reduce iPhone 6s or 6s iPhone plus
  • Managing push notifications: You can set which apps notifications may play out in the menu itemcommunication. This has two effects: first, you attack so less often to the iPhone, with which you use the device of less and so battery saves. Secondly, apps for permanent monitoring on notifications consume much battery.
  • Data matching mail and calendar: In the settings in mail, contacts, calendar, you can reduce the number of linked accounts and reduce the power, because less mail mailboxes will be scanned. Also, you can use the validation see data matching in the same menu after the interval above.
  • Diagnosis and Nutuzngsdaten: To improve the iPhone software, you can send Apple information to the diagnosis & use. You can disable the corresponding menu item for less data load under data protection.
  • Battery percentage indicator turn off: If you worry to your battery and therefore constantly checks the percentage, grabs her often to the iPhone and turn on the display. This process consumes energy in turn. Turns the percentage just need to check the percentage, not even to be.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi: You’re connected, with no Wi-Fi network have Wi-Fi turned on however, your iPhone in the background checks to see if a Wi-Fi network to connect nearby is. That entails a higher battery consumption of course the iPhone. Just always turns Wi-Fi off when you don’t need it.
  • Bluetooth:Bluetooth consumes battery although not too much like Wi-Fi, however, can increase the battery power, if you turn it off when not in use. In addition, Bluetooth headphones and other wireless accessories can significantly increase battery power.
  • Static background image use: It’s clear, dynamic wallpaper for iPhone a lot do here. But they eat also battery. Say your goodbyes from dyamischen background images to save battery.
  • Disable app updates: An update for an application is available, your iPhone will automatically download this. This is while handy, used but much power and volume of data. Better manually checks whether updates are available and runs on the wireless network. This saves battery and data volume. You can find the corresponding entry under iTunes and app store
  • Disable widgets:Widgets consume much energy; removed widgets in the message center, you do not need.

Guzzlers apps

It is very helpful to know what apps consume the most power for longer battery life. If you look in yoursettings under battery, you can see the percentage of the power consumption of individual apps. This is displayed for the last 24 hours or 7 days. You tap the small clock top right, you can see exactly how long you have used this in the foreground and background. With this knowledge, you can either delete the guzzlers or use them less frequently in an Akkunotfall.

Delete Facebook app

One of just such power face the guardian journalist Samuel Gibbs noted and launched a small trial. He used his iPhone 6 s one week with the Facebook app and no Facebook app. The test lasted 1 week. At the end, Gibbs noted that the app caused 15 percent of its total electricity consumption. Who is so not necessarily dependent on the Facebook app, can use also the Safari browser to call Facebook, thus saving much power.

Location services

Location services, which determine the location by GPS, consume a lot of energy. In everyday life we don’t need them often, so it is advisable to exhibit them and to turn on only when needed. Opens data protection – location servicesin the settings. There can you completely turn off location services, or their alternative only allows certain apps – access to location services, to this all the time in the settings and turn off to.

Reset settings

Much in the settings is changed in the course of time. Often it also happens that a wrong option has been activated, which gives an increased power consumption. If this happened, the cause is usually not quickly and clearly identify. Because only one thing – the settings to the factory State helps reset. As a result no data deleted but only the settings reset. This action, the power consumption is reduced, prepared some work you however, because you have to adjust your settings again. To reset the settings to the factory state goes down Settings – General – reset.

restart iPhone

It also sounds so simple, but a reboot can cause miracles. If your iPhone is always in operation, processes in the background can be terminated by the restart and thus energy is saved.

iOS 9 reinstall

It brings nothing we reinstall iOS as a last tip for you – 9 on iTunes. Previously, it is important to back up your data on a backup so that you can play them back later on the iPhone. With the “clean install” leftovers be eliminated by iOS have left still update. Battery problems could be resolved with this new installation.

Stromspartipps for Android users

After following these tips, your battery life should improve significantly. For Android users, we have created a Stromsparliste: Stromspartipps for Android powered devices.

iPhone battery soon empty: conclusion

With these tips, you can save a lot of battery. Especially when you most need the iPhone, the battery failed. These tips will help you so that no longer happen. No matter if its an iPhone plus uses 5, 5 s, 6, 6 s or 6 s. Only half of the day use the iPhone? It belongs to the past now! With these tips, you are perfectly equipped to be accessible throughout the day.