Struggling with Fish

When a fish feels the hook, fight for liberation. This could involve jumps, make a long run, swim against the line or swim around obstacles. Each species of fish fight differently.
The hooked fish in shallow water are more likely to jump and behave more frantically than hooked in deep water. The deep – sea fish often seek the background. It
is possible to take many small fish just pick up the line. They will fight, but they are not as strong as the fishing line and rod. Use light pulls and can remove some fighting of smaller fish lake.
If you practice catch and release fishing, do not fight too long , or the fish will die of exhaustion before or after the release.
Fight larger fish

If a fish begins to struggle, do not worry. And do not try to pick up the line while the fish is swimming away from the line. Relax and let cane weight and do the work. Once ready the hook, place the weight. Just hold the rod at an angle of 45 degrees above the water pointing straight at the fish.
When the fish slow down and stop taking more line, it’s time to work. The best technique for catching of is to gently pull the rod up and then pick up the line while the floor with a pumping motion. Do it in small, gentle movements rather than large abrupt raids, and that will help keep the tight line and much calmer fish.
If the fish runs again, let it go and probably will realize that this race is shorter and slower. But do not let the fish rest. If you can not hear your weight work, pick up the line.
Do not worry. Even if you get the fish near the boat arrives, that does not mean you’re done fighting. If turns and runs, let it go. His line is fairly short at this point, and the movement up and down pumping could ruin this.