Summer Festival Fashion Tips 2016

Every year it’s the same thing because they just listen outdoor indie groups, festival feel compelled to dress as if they were reliving Woodstock, freshness and spontaneity and less. The 2016 edition of Coachella will do probably no exception. While waiting to discover the worst fashion faux pas this year, return on 10 looks not jojos Etrennes previous years the festival by California Stars.

The Chunky Lace Dress

If you think you play the bohemian and romantic wearing a white dress macramé, you (unfortunately) all wrong. As Selena Gomez, you’ll mostly air you be tailored attire with doilies your granny.
To avoid fashion faux pas, opt for a smaller lace (and thus more chic) ​​declined in top.

The Fringed Vest

Halfway between the holding of country western and the tribute to Kevin Costner in Dances with Wolves, the fringed suede vest is definitely in store at the bottom of your closet this year.

The Wreath

Popularized by Lana Del Rey, the wreath has since been massively adopted by festival goers stuck for ideas to accessorize their hair. Except if you plan to mix a with fresh flowers, drop the crown, and bet on the favorite, who has since last year of hype back well deserved.

The Micro Crop Top

The crop top that reveals the navel and beautifully designed abs yes. The micro crop top that flirts dangerously with decency and gives the impression that you yielded to fashion (ridiculous) of underboob: no.

The Ultra-transparent Dress

A priori sophisticated and sensual, the transparent dress may yet prove to be a dicey choice squarely if we do not know well or choose the fit morphology. To avoid looking like Courtney Love, stubby in his beige lace dress, BEST-MEDICAL-SCHOOLS avoids the total transparent look that reveals both the chest, stomach and buttocks.

The Hippie Printed

Must for summer festivals, print hippie should be used sparingly if one wants to remain dignified. So we forget, the pants leg eph Kendall Jenner in unflattering pattern and put on an ethnic printed in small steps.

The Handbag Dadam

Not at all suitable for the festival of rhythm (great scene-lawn-large stage-stand hot dogs), the bag can be extremely disabling/sucks if you want both raise their hands in the air during the Tame Impala concert and monitor your business. Not to mention the weight of said bag after five hours pacing the lawn that leads from one scene to another. An advice? Go for the small shoulder bag in which you slide the bare necessities.

The Maxi Hat

Certainly very convenient to avoid sunstroke, the maxi cap is the plague of summer festivals. Why? Because in addition to being too much, he irreparably prevents people placed behind you to see the scene. Think about them, and let your cape at home.

Platforms Shoes

Let’s be serious: when is it said that it would be pleasant or comfortable to wear heavy shoes as anvils to cross under a blazing sun the kilometers that separate us different scenes? Never? That’s what we thought.

The Sunglasses (after dark)

We must confess: wear sunglasses when there is no longer an ounce of light is completely idiotic. But if you are a fan, so go for it and be like Paris Hilton (or David Guetta) by opting for a model with aviator glasses pearl. There at least you “really” class.