Sunglasses That Come

With spring just around the corner sunglasses brands begin to teach what are sunglasses that bet this year. Glasses that look, in its first coming-out, famous faces from the world of music, sport and cinema.

Getzipcodes lists some of the sunglasses that will triumph this season.
On its 60th anniversary signature remains faithful to its urban, cosmopolitan spirit and somewhat “crazy” to blow out candles race has chosen to Jared Leto what do not know who is? It is one of the less conventional actors of the film, the Oscar winner for best actor for the film “Dallas Buyers Club”. But besides by the seventh art, Jared Leto is also known for its music, sure you will know him as the lead singer of the band 30 seconds.
And why race has chosen to Jared Leto?
According to the Italian firm is perfect for the new collection Maverick Ambassador since, they say, has the boldness and perfect spontaneity that were looking for.
Career Maverick sunglasses are inspired by the most emblematic signature sunglasses, created in 1956 by Wilhelm Anger. Their laser cut mount, its unique bridge and its featherweight are three characteristics of this Sunglass.
The campaign was launched this month being the singer and actor who directed the video. While we get all the new sunglasses, here you have some glasses of race that can complete your look.
The Italian brand has chosen an actor for his new sunglasses campaign. Scott Eastwood, the son of Clint Eastwoodis the chosen. At just 20 years old Scott will star in the campaign of Persol “Meet the new generation”. The success of “The last voyage” has placed him among the great promises of the cinema. In a few months we will see the result which they say will be a pitch “Suicide squad” where shared role with Jared Leto.
It is not the first time that we’ll see on looking Palm, Hugo Boss is another brand that has already fallen in their attractive networks. So we’ll see announcing the new Persolsunglasses. His name thus joins the Steve McQueen, Pierce Brosnan and Ryan Gosling. While we get all new Persolsunglasses, here you have some of your glasses that can complete your look.
Further to the style that we are accustomed, Dior has turned a campaign and has revolutionized the world of the glassSun s betting on innovative and irresistible designs for lovers of good design. A revolution that has come in the form of earthquake with Rihanna and that the singer has become the Muse of the firm.
Rihanna was the first which was placed a few Dior So Real, bringing them to the category of must have. Sounds weird that a House like Dior, as well combed, perfumed and discrete bet by the opposite: rebellion, chutzpah and even some other tattoo… but went well the move getting with his sunglasses give modern touch that everyone wants. The maison surrendered at the feet of the singer and will continue to do it safe! in their next campaigns.
Here you have some of your glasses that can complete your look and have been trend this season.
Very soon you will see on our website the entire new collection of sunglasses that will flood the streets this season. I stay tuned!