Swing Copters, as Well Is The Creator of Flappy Bird New

Dong Nguyen, creator of the successful, addictive and retired Flappy Birds, It has confirmed that it is week to launch their next game for mobile devices, Swing Copters, a game that will repeat practically the same formula which in their previous game.

Starring a little character with “Pippo”, in Swing Copters We have that move made the sides with a touch screen to fly up to the top as possible, trying to pass through the Middle beams iron with a few hammers to extremes that want to bring us down.

As we can see is a version in vertical Flappy Birds, with graphics retro style very similar and with the same goal: keep us hooked for hours to try to lead the leaderboards.

Swing Copters It will be available to download for free the next Thursday, August 21, Although still has not been confirmed so platforms will be available. The game will include advertising and the unique micropayment of $0.99 which will include the game will be to remove these ads.

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December 13, 2017

Posted In: Cellular Phone

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