Tips for Winter Shoes

Winter Is The Season In Which All People Are Dressed Well. You Can Put Some Clothes Mega Simple, But If You Put A Scarf On Top With Matching Look. Has Already Made A Difference In Your Look And You Come Out Rocking Around. But Beyond The Clothes The Shoe Also Makes All The Difference And Today We Will Show The Shoes That Are Booming This Season. Continue reading Tips for Winter Shoes

May 3, 2017

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The Cold Winter Triumph: Ankle Boots with “Little Skin”

It is clear that Chiara Ferragni He is happy with his Balenciaga boots open on all sides, the Italian poses with the most famous boots of the year. They are without a doubt the most timeless boots that have never existed since it many have used this summer.

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January 26, 2017

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Where to Find Big Size Shoes

In recent years, thanks to my work, I meet more and more of TG (or very large …). For me, meet between TG, not segregation is to change the majority of a group, change of perspective. Spend an evening where I will not be an exception, finally, it helps to take a mental vacation.

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October 16, 2016

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OVS Curvyglam Clothes Collection

Smart, lovely and magic: it is the spirit of the new Curvyglam line by OVS, a collection of garments to embrace all forms of femininity.

Fashion is not made ​​by sizes, centimeters and numbers, but fashion is something that affects all women and therefore must be able to embrace all kinds of femininity: this is the idea that animates the autumn-winter 2015 collection/2016 Curvyglam OVS, the line curvy where what matters are not the measures, but the pursuit of fashion.

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October 9, 2016

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Havaianas Celebrates 50 Years: Yes, Yes 50, No Kidding!

It seems that they only carry few years between us but not. Havaianas is birthday and it is nothing more and nothing less than 50 years. In 1962, and in Brazil, these fun slippers were born, inspired by Japanese Zori that model still keep remembrance in their sole textured rice grains. Curious huh? But there’s more & #8230;

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January 30, 2016

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Ursula Mascaro Autumn/Winter: Love this Shoe!

Ursula Mascaro presents a new collection Autumn/winter 2012/13 where the aristocratic inspiration of Luis XVI Court is mixed with references of painters like Modrian and great creators of high Couture. A fantastic and spectacular collection of designs

Velvet Army


The Velvet and more winter materials are, without doubt, one of the protagonists of the season. And Ursula Mascaro presents them on its famous peep toe with platform in different versions and combinations of colors where green and Fuchsia stand out especially. More summery shades, ideal to give a touch of colour to our winter outfits. And continuing the block color.



And on the same basis peep top and loafers, Mascaro presents a new proposal much more up-to-date and cosmopolitan Aires in various materials protruding upon discovering the instep of the foot when walking.



Ursula Mascaro moved to the Court of Luis XVI and hand María-Antoinette reinterprets the Classic loafers raising them up to 15 cm and 12 cm in three different versions.

A version of aristocratic air adorned with borlones and created mixed with glitter suede. A perfect model for the most daring. To me are less like that by that so exaggerated brightness.

Another classic, in a spectacular combination of colors that coexists with a new similar design salon. My favorite, this carved model in red velvet and sole and heel. Fascinating! And the moccasin that can be found in all kinds of bright colors.

Day & Night Ankle Boots


Sophisticated and feminine designs comoponen the line Day & Night Ankle Boots. The different forms coexist in the entire collection and move to the rest of the line in striking color combinations. Boots-stiletto or platform for the night, and low heel and soft shapes for the day designs.



Retro style It is marked by the 1920s-inspired designs ’. Square lasts, wide heels and platforms discovered for a proposal in which you will find all variants: living with a wrist, ankle-boot, loot and boot.

Luxury Love


Crystals of Swarovski We see them decorating the classic stiletto tip, but with open design in bright colors.

Exotic Skins


The basic peep – toe and stiletto heel are reinterpreted in models of animal print where the Leopard and Zebra blend creating original and surprising patterns. There are also treated in different shades and colours nozzles and ostrich.

Decorative Wedge


Avant-garde and striking are designs which remind me of Lady Gaga, and already saw last season. Wedges and platforms of vertigo to enjoy at any time of the day, without losing height and with maximum convenience. Wide variety of versions, combinations of materials and colours.



And for the more sophisticated, a complete line of high heel boots in different forms. Vivid designs of sharp and lounge before, colors and layers for a collection with models that van just above the knee.



For brides seeking original footwear for the day of your wedding, Mascaro has very appealing, stylish, elegant and comfortable models … the classic white and also with Golden touches or nude, then you used to wear at parties. And for the dance, dancers carved in lace. The complete pack!

January 30, 2016

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