How to Wear Pajamas By Combining Comfort and Style in the Look

Check out ways to combine the piece in plain and printed fabrics and get inspired with the most varied looks from bloggers

As the name itself denounces, the pajama pants are a piece that lavishes comfort.This pants modeling is broader and is usually made with lightweight and fluid fabrics.For this reason, it is one of the most pleasant pants models for hot days. Continue reading How to Wear Pajamas By Combining Comfort and Style in the Look

July 29, 2017

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2016 Spring Summer Trends Vogue

The right time to examine trends spring-summer 2016. A summary of 10 key pieces of the season.

1- The Stripes

It is perhaps already a classic in your wardrobe, but scratches still come back strong this year. It’s simple, almost all creators incorporated them in their collection, Ralph Lauren Giorgio Armani through Alexander Wang. If a black and white sailor could very well do the trick, multicolored stripes (as Chloe) are ultra-trendy.

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October 23, 2016

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Plus Size Costume Jewelry Wholesale

Attention round that says do not necessarily say chunky jewelry but for once, we wanted to follow the advice of Cristina Cordula!

The chunky jewelry reserved the round?

We assure you, contrary to what proclaims to all is a certain Cristina, not when one is round one should not always wear jewelry wholesale! According to him, it looks like fine jewelry will end up drowning in our beads, nay!

Like any woman, if we pay enough flashy or busy already held, it is better to bet on the discretion of fine jewelry that will also of the allure and presence on us.

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October 15, 2016

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Which Blouses Stand Me?

Blouses styles for each character type

As longtime blouses specialist we love blouses and their diverse design possibilities. But also obtained by the magazine textile industry rating “Top Brand blouses 2013,” is that ETERNA certifies the market leader in processing, fit and price-performance ratio. In a four-part series of articles on the vintage blouses we would like you for the beauty, diversity and many facets of women’s blouse delight. In our first article explains which Blouses types exist and which blouse best suits you.

What exactly is a blouse?

Women’s blouses has expanded rapidly since its beginnings as a carter coat or dust blouse French crusaders on an eventful history. As outerwear for women, they have established themselves in almost every woman’s wardrobe since the Biedermeier period of the 19th century and are available in various types and forms. As Business blouse in the workplace than chic silk blouse evening or as a casual shirt or Polo shirt are blouses an absolute must-have for the modern woman and flatter every figure type.

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July 9, 2016

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Blouses for Different Body Types


Special shape blouses Body

The blouses Body or Body blouse is characterized by its combination of Body and blouse in a sense a special type of women blouse. He is cut like a classic blouse, but as a body is buttoned together in step. The Body blouse always fits perfectly and prevented especially in deep-seated pants the annoying slipping out of the blouse from the waistband. Their slim fit blouse body is very physical and is used in combination with high heels and pencil skirt professional and feminine at the same time.

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June 29, 2016

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