Flowers For Your Christmas Decoration

For the holidays so special that they are about to get nothing better to decorate our home with Christmas flowers special. And when we talk about decorating we don’t only do it on shelves or coffee tables, they also talk about decorating party for family events tables.

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Friday Humor: Developer Proposed to Her Boyfriend in a Game

We often hear the saying “say it with flowers”, but it is rare to “say it with a game” comes on the pitch. This Friday after Christmas will our site equal parts of a story that is both romantic and unusual geeky at the same time. When it comes to fries to the real one, is we […]

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Amazing iPhone 5S Advertisement-"Misunderstood"

A young man spends the holidays with his head buried in his iPhone 5S, but not without reason. See the moving advertising here. There are often advertisements from telephone producers forward on the Web, sometimes they are worth watching, other times not. This advertisement for iPhone 5S belongs in the degree to the former category. The […]

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The Danes' Wish for Christmas: Better Phone Coverage

Telia and YouGov have created a survey which shows that we want better coverage, do you agree? Telia is well on the way to join their 3 g and 4 g master with Telenor so customers get better coverage, faster and more stable network. To mark the occasion have Telia together with consumer Panel YouGov conducted […]