Rp Cyclists Win Silver and Bronze at Open Games

The Ribeirão Preto cycling team (São Francisco Saúde / Biosev / SME) maintained the tradition and won two medals for Ribeirão Preto at the Indoor Indoor Games, which are being held in Bauru. The results happened on Friday (21) and Saturday (22) in the points and resistance tests. Continue reading Rp Cyclists Win Silver and Bronze at Open Games

November 13, 2017

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What Clothes to Wear for Wide Hips

Find out how to enhance or disguise wide hips without having to feel uncomfortable!
The wide hips are a problem for many women more than anything else because it is simply not something that depends on the extra pounds but usually is not enough to lose weight and constitution to solve it.

1. Remedies for wide hips

If the problem stems from a bone conformation is not much to do, but if it is just an accumulation of fat, the situation is solved.

Walking or jogging are the most simple and immediate solutions to eliminate the fat deposits on the hips, remember that more time will last the more fat you will burn exercise. The benefits of running, now, are universally recognized: the ideal would of brisk walking for about 45 minutes each day.

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October 22, 2016

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Lance Armstrong Cycling Stats

Lance Armstrong has an impressive career behind him, with seven victories in the Tour de France. In 2008 he announced his second comeback. However, it is of an entirely different order than his second comeback in 1998. The time had not much gescheeld about his comeback would be prematurely abandoned.Tour de France runs like a thread through his life. But his fight against cancer. Lance Armstrong was born September 18, 1971 in Plano, Texas, also happens to be the site of Southfork Ranch, known for the series “Dallas”. He grew up in a single parent family. His mother had three different jobs to help the family make ends meet. Later, his mother Linda married Terry Armstrong, a discipline. His stepfather brought him discipline and not always in a friendly way. In his youth Lance interested in several sports. He started swimming and then went biking. The move to triathlon was made quickly. At sixteen, he became a professional tri-athletes. In 1989 and 1990 he was the US champion. From triathlons soon found that his strength lay in cycling.

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October 20, 2016

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Analysis: Cycling Accidents In Spain

I write data analysis but do not really know … This entry is rather a request for help or a suggestion for those who know do. My statistics do not give much.

As you know, the University of Sevilla published the data recorded by the DGT cycling accidents and head injuries from 1993 to 2010, something that will never be sufficiently grateful. The delivered in HTML and Excel table. Meanwhile, the DGT delivers data overall loss into something complicated to treat, in its statistical yearbooks accident PDFs.

We decided to take a little step and nibble data format Time Series R, a free statistics program that is quite popular among mathematicians, statisticians and researchers. Content can be copied and pasted directly into R, which spew an exploratory chart like the one you can see below. If you know how to use R, you do not need to explain anything to them …

injured bicyclists, KSIs and KSIs with head injury in urban roads, Spain, 1993-2010

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September 11, 2016

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Transport Of Children: To Fish Or Teach How To Use The Cane?

You may already have seen or even that you attended some of the lectures have. Within the program STARS Madrid, a round table was organized with Francesco Tonucci (Frato), pedagogue and Italian cartoonist.

Tonucci advocates an educational model that stimulates curiosity and empower children to prepare them for life in society; a place where children find motivation rather than memorization environment and boredom. A place, in short, that children learn by doing things, rather than follow a pattern dictation.

And obviously Tonucci it seems crazy that children today not only can not walk or cycle to school, but they can not even go outside alone.  Neither bike or on foot. The street, that place so dangerous.

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September 9, 2016

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