WhatsApp for Smartphone

As I have been saying before, WhatsApp is definitely the instant messaging service most used on mobile territory, remaining unmoved by the emergence of powerful competitors like Telegram or Line.

In many posts you have taught ten tricks for this app, install the application on a tablet or even always have the latest version of Android before it appears in the Play Store.

But what concerns us in this post is different. This time, we bring bad news about this application: the popular application will stop supporting certain smartphones, and even entire operating systems; because of the cost has support on these platforms with low market share.

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October 27, 2016

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What are Smart Watches Used for

It is spoken repeatedly about the fact that people who spend a lot of time on the Internet lonely. You only have few social contacts and have reportedly barely friends or no time for them, because they prefer the ways of modern communication and prefer to visit their Internet friends’ in the virtual World Wide Web.
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October 6, 2016

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Intel Mica Smart Watch

Intel enters the market for wearables with Mica, a smart bracelet premium finishes and materials

Undoubtedly, wearables and more specifically the smartwatch will be one of the best sellers this Christmas technological devices. Most manufacturers have already submitted their bet on this new technology category, including Apple, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Microsoft and even Intel. Yes, as we hear, the company popularly known as one of the largest manufacturers of processors in the world also wants its piece of cake.

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October 3, 2016

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WhatsApp on Facebook? It Coup

The Facebook offers a very secure platform for developers to create applications, but nevertheless some of them insist on using the site for scamming. This is the case of another fraudulent application, which uses a well – known name: the WhatsApp. A false application appeared yesterday and is already making victims in the largest social network in the world. Continue reading WhatsApp on Facebook? It Coup

August 31, 2016

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Facebook Releases New Layout of the Homepage

The sun came up this morning in the sky and the water is still wet from the last time I checked. Following the same logic, the time is perfect for Facebook to change the layout of the home page again. The new design of the page was already in testing for some time but it was only yesterday that he was activated for the vast majority of members, shortly after Google announced the opening of Google+ to everyone on the web. And she brought some news about what is shared on the network. Continue reading Facebook Releases New Layout of the Homepage

August 25, 2016

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Zuckerberg’s Facebook Page was Hacked

Like every personality who likes social media, the creator of Facebook also has a call fan page within the site, in addition to your own profile used to maintain contact with friends and family. It is unclear who controls the page, whether they are employees of the social network or if it’s own Mark Zuckerberg, but the fact is that it exists. I mean, she actually existed: yesterday the page was hacked and soon went off the air. Continue reading Zuckerberg’s Facebook Page was Hacked

August 24, 2016

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This is how the Adblock Plus Wants to Help Pay for Content on the Internet

The internet content finance gained an unlikely aid: Adblock Plus. The ad blocker has partnered with Flattr on Tuesday (3) to allow users regularly contribute content producers. To monitor which pages you visit, the plugin can automatically distribute income among the contents that generate more engagement.

The Flattr is not exactly new: launched in 2010, the donations service allows you to fund your account an amount from 5 euros, which will be distributed to registered sites on the platform. These sites have a Flattr button, similar to Facebook or Twitter: just click on it to donate a portion of their money to the content producer.

With Flattr Plus, which will be integrated with Adblock Plus, the donation process is automated: the plugin analyzes your browsing and distributes donations according to the contents that have more engagement, not access – giving chance also to smaller sites. The algorithm takes into account factors such as the time spent and the scroll activity on the page.

According to TechCrunch, only registered websites in Flattr may receive payments, but who is not on the platform will have their donations saved until register the service.

Of course, the contributions are not compulsory, but the Adblock Plus seems quite optimistic: the goal is to reach $ 500 million in grants during the year 2017. Given the great popularity of Adblock Plus, which has had over 500 million downloads, the goal does not seem far from reality. The EYEO, the company behind the plugin, made up a “small investment” of undisclosed amount in Flattr.

The question is how will the distribution of revenue for content producers. The model is very similar to Spotify: the money of the subscribers is divided among all artists, but how many are on the platform, constantly see someone complaining of low values. Considering the huge amount of pages we access every day, the Flattr Plus should not be very different – yet it is a recipe that sites simply do not have.

In the testing phase, the Flattr Plus should be publicly released until the end of the year.


August 19, 2016

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Facebook Will Prioritize Friends in the News Feed (Again)

Get ready: your feed news Facebook will change over the coming weeks. The social network announced on Wednesday (29) that, again, will prioritize posts from friends and family so that “you do not miss the posts of those matters.” The pages, Facebook warns that impressions and traffic may fall.

According to the social network, change comes by community demands account, which expressed concern about losing what your friends post, to the detriment of the content of the page. “Our priority is to keep you connected with people, places and things that you want to connect – starting with people who are your friends on Facebook”, which has always been the primary purpose of the social network, they said.

Last year, Facebook had announced a change in the algorithm to favor posts of friends. At the time, the social network argued that it was better for both people with few friends and with many contacts. The first to continue moving the news feed even without much novelty, and the second for the same reason today’s change. Apparently one update was not enough.

The size of the impact on the pages is uncertain because it depends on the audience for each. If a company has many posts shared by your friends, or is successful in number of interactions, Facebook will display content because we understand that people are interested in what the page posted.

In another post about the changes, Facebook explained what are the priorities of the social network when building the news feed, which are  entertaining and  informing .Furthermore, they emphasized that the algorithm adapts over time. “For example, if you usually enjoy photos of her sister, we will begin to put the publications it on top of your feed so you do not miss what she posted while you were away,” according to Adam Mosseri, product manager for Facebook.

Despite being taking a little attention of pages, social network emphasizes that posts them – as well as friends – can be informative (or that fits the category of entertainment). They recognize that the definition of informative, interesting or fun varies from person perspective. Then entering the machine learning algorithms and new reactions, which should help Facebook understand what the person felt when he saw the post.

The reason for these changes is simple: the more content that people  want to see appear in the feed, the longer they stay connected and more time they spend using Facebook. It is not a conspiracy theory or anything, the Mosseri himself said it. Anyway, the executive says that deliver interesting content, based on the result of algorithms, it is also good for the user.


August 1, 2016

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