Japanese Lanterns on the Bedroom and Customize with Stencil

The market offers a plethora of adhesive designs for those who want to take a stand up on a wall or in an environment. Easy and practical to apply, they are a good solution for bland corners. But maybe you have time and really like the craft work, so how about customizing with  stencil? Continue reading Japanese Lanterns on the Bedroom and Customize with Stencil

September 14, 2017

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How to Choose the Right Flashlight

All people who like several daily picnics eventually comes down to the need to use some lighting. Many people throw of branded lighting for quite salty amounts and others who choose very cheap Chinese products. The most important thing when choosing to account for what purposes will enjoy this light, under what conditions and of course for any length of time. The practice has long been shown that the presence of only a flashlight or headlamp is not always enough. Modern products are roughly divided into those with LED, halogen and of course it is still possible to find those with ordinary bulb. Yet what we need to know to make the right choice. When we’re on the move most suitable are those who can put the head so-called headlamps.

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September 23, 2016

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Flashlight Buying Guide

In most cases, to get on a trekking tour also cope without light. Latest but if you want to stay in the wild, it is quite happy during the night, when the light in the form of a flashlight has available.

You should definitely check if they can be switched on by itself when z. B. encounter other objects against it in the backpack before buying a flashlight. Otherwise the batteries would quickly empty.

The torch should be stable: slight vibrations and water can not harm it. Practical models are equipped with a loop, with which you can hang it.

It may be useful to wrap the rear piece of the flashlight with tape. So you can take it between his teeth, just when you need both hands.

If you want it to sleep comfortably, you should rely on a headlamp. This sets you up to the end and has the light wherever you hindreht head.

Meanwhile, the traditional flashlight of LED lamps here will be replaced. You have an extremely long service life, up to 100,000 hours of operation are promised. They come with very little energy, so that they could fully illuminate with a normal battery pack up to two days.

When using lithium batteries, the service life extended to as much as 100 hours.

July 26, 2016

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